Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Cloud Blogging (by olivia)


  1. Just gorgeous, O. I think the dogs woke me up just because they knew how much I'd love seeing this cloud mosaic.

    Morning all.

  2. Clouds have been hanging around lately. Love the variety, O.

    Sonboy comes in town today and will spend the night. Tomorrow he and older scouts are headed to Manitoba canoeing. Hubby and I went canoing in the Quetico in Ontario for our honeymoon. So I know he'll have a beautiful, challenging trip.

    Beth, sounds like you are having a great time visiting friends.

    Farf, Mason needs some love beads and to flash a peace sign with that daisy--Super cutie. A score card is needed to keep track of the comings and going in Far Manor. You and the Mrs have my admiration for all you do for family and friends. Sorry iPhone is having issues.

    Working on characters and having much fun with the possibilities. I'm trying to find a lighter, humor with this story. We'll see if I can create what I want.

    Maria, hope the writing's going well.

    Fabulous Friday for All.

  3. Clouds: pretty
    Weather: getting a wee bit better for all values of better = temps < 100
    Work today: do not want
    Saturday: salon appt yay!
    Vacation: oh so close


  4. Yay for O's clouds! Thanks to andi and O for the gorgeous pix.

    24/7 internet at my friend's house - woo hoo! Nice to be wired (or wireless) again.

    Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend planned, even if it's just keeping cool. No big plans here - wedding tomorrow, so need to find a gift today. Drinks with friends this afternoon, and Art Walk.

    Struggling with the "I-need-to-buy-a-car" dilemma - what to get, what can I afford, used, new, pre-owned certified - my head is spinning. I'm starting to agree with andi - this isn't much fun. Why can't mine just last forever?

    Enjoy your Friday, all - TGIF!!

  5. Love the arrangement of the montage. Did you notice the jet before or after you took the shot? Last Sunday's photo had a bird in it that I didn't see until I put the picture on my computer.

  6. Jim --

    I created the montage in Lightroom. Lr3 has an amazing Print module. So much easier to do than in PS (once one gets a handle on the different user interface).

    As for the plane, I did see it. I was already looking up and taking photos of the storm clouds when the plane flew overhead.

    I loved that bird you caught in the frame!

  7. Cool montage, Olivia.

    Taking it easy today after getting a little too exhausted and dehydrated yesterday. Still need to write a bit, but everything else has been removed from the table.

  8. Love the pictures, Olivia. Particularly the jet.

    It is a bit cooler here though not much. It rained some and I am hoping for more!

    Everyone (and this means you, Kelly!) take care.

  9. Olivia, just lovely! The one on the bottom right corner looks like a creator and adam are going to appear any moment.