Friday, July 30, 2010

A Fine Balance

Taken July 23, 2010.

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  1. First again on here, I see. Probably because it's just gone 11 in the morning here, and the rest of you are asleep!

    This 50 word lark is working for me at the moment, I've just done 600. Time to acknowledge the very respected writer who gave me the idea:
    I told her a year or so ago how much her suggestion had helped me, and she was modestly delighted. (She's not just a good writer, she's a lovely person too!)

    Out to lunch soon, it's not all scribbling today! Hope it's a good day where you all are.

  2. w00t, Nicky!! I'm going for that this weekend as I struggle to finish a short story. Then diving into the book for a marathon 2 months of omg, it's due.

    Insomnia fairy bopped me on the head last night. Darn sneaky of her. I bet it was Beth or Farf out there wanting to see more of my San Diego pictures. ::g:: Well, it worked, I updated the album. Still need to put captions on a bunch, but all the pics are uploaded.

    It's a mime Friday for me since I traded days for vacation. Catch you all later!

  3. Morning Nicky, keep it going girlfriend. Enjoy lunch and the rest of the day.

    Maria, you flutter at a measly dragonfly when you have pictures of a "pretty" snake.(Only behind glass) and some rat looking things in a tube at the zoo?

    Great pics. You look quite dashing in your scooter, but the pirate? guy gives you something to work towards for next time. His scooter was wow.
    Love the big kitties and polar bear.

    Speaking of kitties, mine are hissing at each other. The visitor cats came and we set their carriers in the floor for some sniffing. Threw my kitties into tizzie me thinks. The Corgi shied away after being hissed and spit at by the visitors. The Springer doesn't share his space so well so I held his leash and stopped his barking and growling. He'll get okay, just takes longer.
    So the doors to the hall are closed with new kitties on one side with access to brother's bedroom and bath. And the rest of the house with my critters trying to figure out what the heck's going on. Soon will be one big happy herd.

    Gotta get some words done too.

    Fabulous Friday to All.

  4. Thanks for braving the VGW, NIcky - being on the west coast this summer, there's not much danger of my having to do it. And nice to see you so early in the morning!

    Thanks for the pix, Maria. Sorry if I had anything to do with the dratted fairy winging your way. But woo hoo, what great shots! Love the cuddly zoo critters. And how proud you must feel when you look at a table covered with your work. I'll be in San Diego in a couple of weeks - just love that city. Glad you had fun.

    You need a whip and chair, Lisa! Hope the herd comes to terms with the new living arrangement soon, and calls a truce.

    The sun is up (at 5:30 - gotta love being so far north) and I have 16 pages of notes to tackle re my WIP. Next time I decide to take a couple of years off from writing, someone smack me!

    Huge arts and crafts fair today downtown - but til then, I'm writing! TGIF, y'all. (Oh, and thanks for sharing the watery pix, andi - it's as close to rain as I'm getting this summer.)

  5. (Waving good morning)

    Beth -- it seems like ages since we've been in the same room. Where are you now?

    Maria - I'm tapping my foot waiting for your next book. I flew right through the first 3 & I can't wait for Blood Heat.

    Andi !!! This week's photos are GREAT! Yesterday's looks like magic.

    I'm sorry I haven't been by for a couple of weeks. I took up knitting (at the insistence of my sister in law) and can't seem to stop. You might be surprised to find out that knitting and typing don't mix well.....

    Hugs to everyone!!

  6. Hi KB! I know, you've been quite silent recently. At least it's for a good reason - hope you're making lots of fun stuff for winter!

    I'm back in Idaho for the summer, avoiding Florida's heat. And visiting dear friends and favorite places, and having a blast.

    Nice to see you out and about - come back soon! xoxo

  7. Hi Beth - I'm working on a winter scarf right now that is so soft it feels like I'm knitting a cloud. I just hope it looks as nice as if feels when I'm done!!

    I hope your writing is going well -- I'm glad to hear that you've started again.

  8. I'm sure it will. That's one of the nice things about knitting - you can see - and feel - the finished product all along. It just gets bigger as you go!

    Writing is going great - and thanks. I'm glad I started again too. Why did I leave it for so long? Because I'm an idiot! Everyone has permission to smack me, the next time I stop.

    Have an extra cup of coffee for me today!

  9. So how was lunch, Nicky? Did you write your 50 words during it? :)

    Sorry about the For Real Friday, Maria. Thanks for the updated pics.

    Animals negotiations are so interesting to watch, Lisa. Hope you all get a workable truce.

    Beth, I'll be glad to smack you -- 'cause that would mean we'd be somewhere together. :)

    Howdy kb. And glad you enjoyed the photos (and aren't spooked by dragonflies). You could take pictures of your knitting and post links to them -- it's always fun to see what people are creating.

  10. Greetings from the local (to the office) Panera, a little expensive but at least there's free wifi & the food quality is good.

    Lisa, critters are like people… some can make themselves at home anywhere, others have to work out arrangements first. When your bro leaves, your critters will spend the whole next day looking for his critters.

    Beth, good to hear you're back in the writing saddle, but I'll let Daughter Dearest smack you because I know you'll feel it!

    KB, knitting is also something DD took up and still does once in a while, mostly when she and my mom are together.

    Sending productive vibes to all writers. I had an interesting dream… we held each other until the dream was over, knowing we'd never see each other again. I could maybe make a flash story out of it. I'm thinking harder about an Evil Thought I had last night while stripping wallpaper, that will end up on the darkside blog. 50 words? I could do a few hundred (more) on this iPad.

    More later, I hope. Or I might start on Yet Another Layer of wallpaper… this is turning into an archeological dig.

  11. Clever post melted down. Brain followed. Sigh. Hope everyone's having a good day.