Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Faint Rays of Hope

Taken July 4, 2010

Taken July 14, 2010.
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  1. Good Day, Sunshine.

    Got plenty of that down here. Not so pretty though, thanks Andi.

    I'm surprised how comforting your (all you sweeties) support is. Amazing the power of technology in the hands of really fine folks.
    I'm having fun discovering my process. Being patient to let the scene develop.

    Here's to rain for Beth, no more storms for the MaryB and Andi and others. Though we could use a touch of precip now.

    Continued healing for Mason and more sleep for grandpa.

    Pretty painting to B.

    Wonderful Writing to Kelly and a good cuppa.

    Another visit soon from Jen, KatyB, and others please.

    Nancy, tell Porch Sally hello. Great new website she has. Writing pals are a good thing.

    Maria, Hope she's getting those running shoes laced and is ready to rumble at Comiccon.

    Wonderful Weds. to All.

  2. Hi to Lisa and everyone who posts later. I am currently leading a very boring life - the strange thing is how much I love it!

    So not much to say except sending support where ever it is needed!

  3. Hey gang!! Quick drop in post before I start getting ready for the day.

    Did the Zoo yesterday - fantastic place! Lisa, the tennis shoes translated into electric scooter, as the flight over managed to bung up my hip enough that walking was not an option. :( At least the zoo is totally accessible!

    Today, the Comic-Con fun begins in the afternoon with pro badge pickup at 3, then the preview night at 6:00. Preview night is basically a crazy insane pre-show night at the trade show with freebies and loads of people. It's limited access, but I expect it to be a madhouse.

    I found this neat place online that rents out scooters for vacationing folks, and they deliver to the hotel. My scooter arrives today. Makes me feel better, as once I arrived and actually saw the size of the convention center, I knew there was no way I could make it. It's HUGE.

    We're off this a.m. to do a seal tour, then back to the hotel for the beginning of the madness! First celebrity sighting was last night in the hotel bar. My BIL spotted an artist he collects. Of course, I'm totally brain dead and can't remember the guy's name, but BIL wins for 1st sighting. I expect that today we'll see a LOT more folks. Evidently, we're staying at the hotel where all the convention special guests and celebrities stay. w00t!

    Will load up pictures as soon as I get hold of netbook today. Turns out that the iPad is great for regular stuff, but not so much for writing (at least, for my process). I quick ordered a cheap netbook that will be delivered today. Considering I've got an essay due on Saturday, I'm breathing a sigh of relief. Oh well, tech experiment with the iPad. Now I know.

    Will try to catch you all up again in a couple of days!

  4. A scooter! Maria, what fun.
    Waves to all.

  5. Morning, Lisa. Let the sunshine and those 50 words in. :)

    Thanks for the update, Maria. Zoos, and scooters and seals, oh my! And all that and still the big Fillion-smooch to come. :)

    Waves to Nancy ::hoping flapping of hands pushes storms and heat back to Kansas::

  6. Just love those sun rays, andi. Waiting for elves to appear...

    Thanks for the update, Maria - too much fun! Glad you found the scooter folks, and the new netbook. Enjoy geeking over the celebs!

    Sometimes boring sounds good, Dina.

    Continuing cramming lots into my short time here. Dinner with friends last night that included playing with a 4-month old puppy - much-needed dog fix, after all the sad dog news this week. And Zumba did NOT kick my a** yesterday - woo hoo!

    Storms down here too, andi!

    Waving to Lisa and NP and all who follow. Happy Hump Day, y'all!

  7. Thanks Lisa! Hope your own writing goes well today too.

    Maria, love the zoo. Laura and I got one of our anniversary pics taken there, down by the hippos—we get dressed up in our wedding gear every year around our anniversary and get pictures taken.

    Andi, gorgeous shot.

    Mad waves to Beth and Nancy and Dina.

    I'm getting there. I have the Voorwerp astronomy comic script under control, finally. It should be done today which will lift a huge load of stress off my plate and let me get back to nearly full time on the novel. Need to make some tea soon, diet coke is not an adequate substitute.

    TTFN and Vonderful Vednesday to all who follow.

  8. Hello all!

    From yesterday… Nancy, some evenings I'd be thrilled to get enough time to put down 50 words!

    Mason is doing much better — in fact, he's well enough that he thinks he's back to normal (which meant he slept half the morning away, allowing me to work). We're trying to keep him fueled up.

    Lisa, good luck with the process.

    Hey Maria, enjoy the geezer-cart. Better yet, here's hoping your hip gets better so you don't need it. My hip cramps on the motorcycle once in a while, but standing up is usually enough to make it happy.

    Beth, may your pups and your Zumba continue to NOT kick your @$$!

    Kelly… could you clue us in on your secret? I mean, the one where you manage such a full plate without coffee? Thx.

    Boran approved of the whoopie scene in the latest White Pickups ep, which was a big load off my mind. I wasn't sure about it. Whew!

    off to find some supper

  9. FarF, at the moment it's not so much management as survival, and if I could drink coffee I'd be swilling it this month.