Saturday, July 31, 2010

Down But Not Out

Taken July 20, 2010.

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  1. Sounds like my family these days. More unemployed that working. Daughter going to school though so we won't count her. That evens it up.

    The herd is still mostly ready to stampede--edgy and hissing. The dogs are just curious though the Springer was barking as kitty noises last night. I feel protected.

    Brother shopped and cooked dinner last night so he's trying to settle in and be helpful. Hubby out of town so just the two of us until tomorrow.

    Writing slows to glacier speed but I'm busting past the 50 words everyday. Could use a 750 day or ten.

    We're busting the 100s so stay cool where ever you are. Though somebody may need to wear a sweater.

    Sensational Saturday to All.

  2. Yup, you can't count that tree out. If it continues to survive, it will end up with a Z trunk.

    Hang in there, Lisa. Even The Boy may be gainfully employed before long. But for him, keeping the job is the hard part. Maybe the bro will handle the housekeeping so you can get some writing done?

    Eeek, Mason is trashing a DVD shelf…

  3. Whoa, those greens are gorgeous. Even 4+ years out of my time in the desert, I'm still a little rocked back on my heels by the more brilliant shades of plant life.

    Head mostly down here, been dealing with a flare throughout July. It's mild, all things considered, but still, blegh. Hoping all y'all feel much better than I do.

  4. Hey Lisa, sounds like you just need to channel hissing and meowing into the perfect background sounds for writing. ;)

    So none of that boring take all the pots out of the cabinet stuff for Mason -- he's looking for multimedia entertainment.

    Hiya Jen. Sorry to hear about the flare up. The greens are getting a pretty tired now but I'm just like a fashion photographer -- with just the right light I can make 'em look good.

  5. Feel-better hugs heading your way, Jen. It's always good to hear from you, when you can stop by.

    Green is great. Green is much better than white and brown. Green means spring and summer and warm and lush and pretty. Yep, love that green.

    Here's to harmony in the house, Lisa - critter politics.

    Sort of rained last night. A few drops, a few gusts. Lots of fires in the NW, so please say an extra prayer to the Rain Gods to send some this way.

    Still madly rewriting. Down to 13 pages of notes to be considered and incorporated.

    So, to work. Have a great Saturday, all!

  6. Jen! Good to see you! Hope the flare goes away and stays away…

    Andi, we put latches on the cabinet doors, so Mason has to wreak his mayhem in the living room. (Seeing how dirty the kitchen floor is, we also keep the door closed at the moment. He laughs and laughs when he slips in though.)

    Write away, Beth!

    Speaking of writing, I've posted on the dark side again. More to come. I can be so evil…

  7. Waves to everyone. Just walked my feet off at a wonderful farmers' market. Spent a ton of money but the produce is wonderful.

    Tired but happy here.

  8. ((((Jen)))) and anyone else who needs it. And then, back to work. Got editing my stuff on the plate as well as reading Katherine Kerr's next book for possible quoteage.