Monday, July 19, 2010

Dogs Within, Among, Besides, Behind

A preposition of dogs.

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  1. Dogs here, there and everywhere. I need a jolt of their energy.

    Well I start writing novel 2, today. I've set myself a timeline of finishing first draft by the end of December. This is a major leap of faith, but when I think about how I wrote the first book, I'm lightyears ahead of my process. Now if I can convince my brain that first draft doesn't mean beating chapters to death before going on.

    Nancy, I love your vision, yesterday. Red and yellow giant shoes. I'm way too literal sometimes. Need to let the muse play more.

    Great beginning to the week for all.

  2. Mrs. Fetched & Mason seem determined to kill me through sleep deprivation. Well, it *is* Monday.

    Good luck on that Book 2, Lisa!

  3. Love the doggie shots!! A plethora of pups...

    You can do it, Lisa. it's actually quite freeing just to write, and not stop to fix and tweak. I used to keep a word count on my blog, and loved updating the number daily - which isn't nearly as impressive if you're constantly editing. Enjoy!

    I AM in rewrite mode, so am deep in tweaking and fixing. Which is also fun. Gotta love every step of the process (yes, even querying, ugh).

    Sorry about the sleep depravation, Farf. Yet another reason I chose the childless route. Mason's lucky to have you guys caring for him.

    Lunch with a good friend today, a hike around Tubbs Hill, and more work. The gorgeous weather continues - although I wouldn't mind one of those storms some have experienced.

    Happy Monday, everyone! Waving to all who follow.

  4. Green and dogs! Nothing better!

    Lisa and Beth, you go girls. You inspire to get off my arse and go, girl, too.

  5. I'll be interested to hear how novel #2 goes -- how the hard lessons you've learned change the process for you.

    Boo on no sleep, Farf, but don't fall asleep at work.

    Have fun on the hike, Beth. Take pictures!

    Nancy, just an FYI: better is green and dogs and NO 90/90.

  6. Still in OMG, I've got three books due in the next 17 months mode here. Should start calming down in August once I've got all the other stuff that July has dumped on me off the plate.

    Also, yay doggies—voof, voof, voof!

  7. Hello, everyone.

    We had thunderstorms this morning. Nancy, I could smell the rain and the lightening - so naturally I thought of you.

    Took my old boss out for lunch for his birthday and we pigged out on pizza. Why is pizza the perfect dish for pigging out on?

  8. Driveby hi!

    Love the pics of the pack!

    Hot and t-storms here. I'm ready for fall.

    Back to work.

    Good luck with number two, lisa!

  9. ooh dog pictures! That's an especially nice picture of Giddy. It makes her look younger. :)

  10. Sounds stressful, Kelly. Hope you've got a lot of mood-smoothing tea on hand.

    Because, Dina, you keep telling yourself what the heck, just one more slice.

    I'm not ready for fall yet, b2, but I'm sure ready for fall-like weather.

    Mary, I think the trick is that Giddy looks younger if she's not moving.

  11. Behold, I live!

    Beth, sounds like you have a good attitude about some of the more tedious parts of writing. Sending you (and Kelly) productivity vibes!

    Hope everyone's doing well. Mason is better today, although he conked out a little earlier than he should have. He was singing while I was swinging him around, and next thing I know he'd dropped his head on my chest and started snoozing.

    Okay, maybe I can get a little writing done… off to the keyboard.