Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Well not really. But that's what I think about when I see a stand of skinny trees.

Taken , 2010.

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  1. ... continued from last night.

    Beth, I would have loved to see you zumba-ing about -- someone should have taken a video. And clearly the next step is to combine it with house-cleaning because a youtube of a zumba-ing roomba is just begging to be made.

    ... back to today.

    Heat and humidity are ratcheting up here after a couple of days of slightly cooler temps. I do not like summer weather. Why can't it be spring all summer long?

  2. Bonjour, mes amis!! Happy Bastille Day to all.

    Andi, ugh, yes, the heat/humidity = FAIL. I detest this weather so much. I've never been one for steam rooms at a spa, either. ::g::

    Beth, my sis does Zumba and loves it. She's WAY more in shape than I am--proof that fat & fit is possible. That woman can exercise me into an early grave.

    Hooray for Wednesday! One more work day for me this week, then I'm ON VACATION!! Spending the weekend finishing getting ready for San Diego and writing, w00t! /exclamationpointabuse

    Hope you all have a fabulous day.

  3. Coppice

    HA, at first glance I thought that said "codpiece".

    Good morning to the dancers, the Fillion aficionados, and those who are wise in the ways of the fishi-pedi. (NO THANK YOU.)

    Andi, I saw your niece's tv commercial last night, and it was a funny "Hey, I know someone who knows her," moment. I think Chase is like a hellmouth, sort of a portal to evil's gooey center, but Marlo's commercial was gorgeous. :) I hope she gets a ton of business from it.

  4. Coppice is a wonderful word. I'll pretend right along with you, Andy.

    Zumba--I had to look up what it was too. Video--yes. I'm waiting to see Beth's sore level with that kinda activity.
    I think it looks like great fun, but then I remember my rhythm--limited.

    B--so glad the painting is progressing. Fun to finish a project. More fun to start one.

    Maria--Holly smokes. Feet nibbling fish. The theory I understand but my feet are so sensitive/ticklish that I don't think a pedicure of any kind would be enjoyable.
    Give me a massage any day.
    Sounds like a great plan and love your unbridled enthusiasm.

    Great midweek to all.

  5. Jen, codpiece was what I first read too, and I even knew the photo. Got to ride early this morning to declare a truce with the h&h – no chance of beating it.

  6. Maria, I'm on pins and needles waiting for you to give/get that Fillion smooch. :)

    Jen, I'm 100% with on the no-fish-pedicure stance and on hoping Marlo gets lots of business from the ads.

    Thanks, Lisa -- I'm glad there's someone who isn't into Elizabethan clothing around here. ;)

  7. For those of you who had to google Zumba, I confess I had to google El Fillion. That's what comes from having pretty much abandoned TV watching beyond the 2 Canadian channels we get on the tiny tv in the basement laundry.

    I guess that qualifies as being "off the grid" somehow, but not in the sense of living somewhere with great natural beauty, :<(

  8. Pass on the feet fish and the zumba, thank, but I'll take a maybe on the codpiece.

    Waves madly at people before the breaking wave of works sucks him under again


  9. Believe me, not having evidence of my Zumba-fail is a good thing! I'm willing to try again next week...although cupcakes would make it a whole lot more pleasant! I guess they don't show the commercial during sports shows, doggone it.

    Kudos to your sis, Maria - that is some workout.

    Codpiece - snort giggle.

    Spent a great day in Sandpoint with a girlfriend, sunning on the beach, browsing the shops, lunch overlooking the lake, and a wine tasting - perfect way to spend a day. Pictures at my place soon!

    Waving to all as I dive into work - but mine's a riffle, not a wave like Kelly's.

    Night all!

  10. Did I really miss two days? The cRaZy turned itself up a notch at the manor… not a bad/dramatic kind of crazy, just a busy kind. I had Mason asleep about 45 minutes ago, until I laid him down — then he cut loose with a tremendous belch and climbed to his feet. Mrs. Fetched came in and he was ready to playyyyyy!

    I'll try to catch up with everyone tomorrow. The back is fine, I barely know the stitches are there most of the time.