Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cool, Cool Water

A rush of pleasures at Franconia Notch State Park
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  1. I hope this cools everybody off who's suffering through the hot, humid weather.

    We've put up an online album of photos that Jim and I took of our vacation. Click here to see it.

  2. AAAAAhhhh. Love that flowing, falling water.

    I need to practice some new self defense moves. The Insomnia Fairy bashed me and then got one of the cats to finish the job early this morning.

    Could have been the comfort food rebelling. Hubby and I put together some great grub for dinner. Chicken fried steak, mashed taters, cream gravy, fresh cream corn, biscuits.

    Nothing exciting going on here. More story work and a doze will be in my future.

    Thursday winking at Friday. Waves to all. Stay cool.

  3. Oooh, I get to make a comment before everyone's already come and gone. Hello everyone. Love the falling water, Andi, beautiful and evocative of one of my favorite things.

    Head down in book and other work for pretty much all of July at this point but hoping to steal time to stop in here.

  4. Ah… running water. A hot July on Planet Georgia is pretty typical; we had some mild ones the last two years, so we're back to normal. Daughter Dearest said something about taking Mason, M.A.E., and Moptop to the pool today.

    Lisa, the Insomnia Fairy has contracted with Mason to do the job at the manor. As I wrote in last night's blog post, I think it's because he's walking: burning more calories and he doesn't have much baby fat to begin with, so he's needing a midnight snack to catch up.

    Oh, and there's a pic of him from vacation too at TFM… Mrs. Fetched wants to frame it (the pic, not the blog).

    Mimes at home today. Waves & hugs!

  5. Simul-post with Kelly!

    Oh, I got a bunch of White Pickups stuff untangled and sequenced last night. That takes me through Episode 66 and the end of part 4. No more excuses, now I have to write the conclusion.

  6. I knew you'd like this selection, Lisa. If your cats are like The Pack, no encouragement from outside sources was needed.

    Hi Kelly. Steal away and then steal some more. We all love having you here.

    Farf, I love how Mason looks so seriously focused on that flower (hmm, should I eat it or write a tech manual about it?)

  7. Andi, he made his decision. In the shot I didn't post, he's trying to eat it. :D

  8. I commented yesterday, but my phone wouldn't let me edit out the mistakes, so I gave up - and never got back. Love the watery shots, andi - the green looks so cool and inviting.

    Sorry about the heat - summer has finally arrived in N Idaho, but that's 84 and no humidity. And nights in the 40's - sending that cool air your way.

    I lived in London a good part of my childhood, Nicky, so when I came back to the US for college I'd say something, and be met with a blank stare. And that's how I learned which were American words and which were British ones.

    Nice to see you, Kelly, in the midst of your chaos. Wish I could find an affordable place with beaches AND mountains...I guess I'll have to leave the country for that. Will remember the productivity comment, though.

    Oh Lisa, I'm hungry just reading about it! My diet is less than admirable these days - would be nice to sit down to a real homecooked meal. Enjoy it for me!

    Sailing class tonight - better go learn my knots. Moved to a new place today, staying with a friend, which should provide 24/7 wireless. We'll see!

    Have a great day, all!

  9. Still too hot to think but if I could, I would be in that water.

  10. Well too bad, Farf; I guess he just didn't want to follow in your career footsteps. ;)

    Sailing lessons sound like a lot fo fun, Beth.

    That water was moving really fast, Dina -- it would be more like being in a jacuzzi.

    Night everybody.