Friday, July 16, 2010

Caught by Light

Taken July 5, 2010.

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  1. Oh, look at the dreamcatcher – if you dream of catching bugs.

  2. Hah, cool find Jim!

    Mason slept all night, which means we did too. Yay! He's been really stowing in the chow the last couple of days, so he's probably starting a growth spurt.

    Hope to get back this evening so see what everyone else has to say… oh, and yay for Nancy having her son back local!

  3. ooh, LOVELY light & dreamcatcher web!! I'd love to have this for one of my background pics.

    Morning, gang. I slept like a log last night, woke up briefly at 5 and then back asleep until 8:30. I think I needed that! Evidently, though, I slept through an earthquake - Montgomery County isn't very close, so it's likely there wasn't much to feel around here.

    What a heck of a way to start my vacation! Planning to spend today puttering (gathering all the items to pack, a couple of errands, etc.). I'm off on Monday a.m. for Nerdvana/GeekMecca/Comic-Con.

    I plan to tweet/blog post while I'm there--taking the iPad (upgraded to 3G). Plus, I intend to write, too - I hear the pro room is where all the famous ppl hang out, so I plan to use it as my base during the con. A heck of a lot easier and less frantic than standing in line for 2 hours for the *possibility* of getting into a panel room.

    I do have my own panel, though and a couple of signings & am very psyched for that!

    If I don't get back here this weekend, I'll do my best to pop in while I'm in SD.

    Cheers all!

  4. I think I'd rather catch dreams...

    Have a wonderful time, Maria! I'll look forward to reading all about it! Love SD - I'll be there next month. Enjoy every second! Eek about the earthquake, though...

    Yay for sleep, Farf!

    TGIF. Drinks with the girls, catch up on the to-do list, and maybe watch the Hot Rod cruise tonight. Supposedly work will return on Monday, so I'm enjoying the down time while it lasts.

    Hope everyone has a stellar Friday - waving at all to come!

  5. Yay for a good night's sleep, Farf. If only I could get the dogs to follow Mason's excellent example.

    Maria, let me know what resolution you want and I'll email it to you. I'm really looking forward to reading your reports from the con (and seeing that gorgeous kiss you give Fillion).

    How did the sailing lesson go last night, Beth?

  6. Fun again, andi, even though we never have much wind. We only have one more class, then I'll have to find someone who needs a crew, and is willing to continue helping me learn. A friend is selling his boat, and it's SO hard not to buy it. Of course, I have no way to transport it, and nowhere to store it, and nowhere to sail it, but otherwise....

    Fun to finally start fulfilling a dream!

  7. Morning from the Hill Country. Cicadas, wrens, and grasshoppers hopping are my musical backdrop. Have gathered some cow groupies that followed me to the creek. These questioning eyes and tufts of grass hanging from their mouths.
    Lucky to walk quietly and came upon momma raccoon with three babies fishing for breakfast in the creek. Took pictures but may be too far away to see more than fuzzy spots. My bovine entourage showed up behind me & caught mom's eye so she saw me. Up the far bank they waddled- cute, cute.

    Beth I'm thinking of using a bit of sailing in this new story.
    Will have to pick you brain on being a neophyte sailor.

    Maria, we'll love hear your adventures. Stay hydrated, eat to keep energized and have fun. I know--mothering sneaks
    out of me.

    Farf, I'm thinking the book idea could be a winner.
    Eat, love, pray= Belch, cuddle, meditate.

    Jim I always worry about bikers. Drivers are such blazing idiots. Hill Street Blues always started with You be careful out there. Good sentiment for all of us.

    Nancy, woohoo for son coming home.

    Off to work.

  8. Lovely photo!

    I'm meeting Porch Sally in a while, to write side by side at a Sbucks. Thank god they finally gave us free wifi.

    Hungry! I need a Breakfast Catcher!

  9. Farf, Andi's the one who caught it. She has an amazing eye for detail.

  10. Heyo, first really restful sleep in weeks for me. Much more alert and optimistic today.

    Maria, have fun. I love the idea of ComicCon, but the thought of the crowds gives me hives so I shall probably only go if I'm in a situation where I need to be there to promote a project.

    Waves to all.

    Gotta go write because the deadlines, they only get closer.

  11. Andi - would love as big a resolution as you have, thanks!!

    Lisa, I'm prepared with travel mug for H2O + snacks.

    Kelly, I'm with you re: crowds. I'm doing this as promo mainly, but plan to geek out as much as I can. That's what's good about the pro green room. I can hide out there. ::g::

    Going back to sorting my paperbacks for shelving. Been putting it off, but now I'm just sick of looking at the boxes!

  12. Not to put ideas in your head, Beth, but I know a woman who lives on a sailboat in Amsterdam and a very happy woman she is.

    Wonderful scene-setting, Lisa. Watch out for those bovine groupies though -- I've found that the gifts they leave aren't always welcome.

    I guess the wifi is nice, Nancy, but SB doesn't seem like it would nearly as nice as place as SP.

    Yay for good sleep and boo for deadlines, Kelly.

    Maria, it's sent, though it's not as big a res as I have but it's as big as my pitiful upload speed can manage. ;)

  13. Have a great time Maria. I'll be following your tweets. I want some good Nathan Fillion tweets :)