Thursday, July 22, 2010

... And Strong Ones

Taken July 14, 2010.

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  1. ... continued from yesterday.

    So Beth, now that you're a Zumba Master, where's that video? ;)

    Congrats, Kelly, on getting your plate half-clean. Keep chowing down.

    Hope that was some good supper you found (and shared with Mason?), Farf.

    ... back to today.

    Morning all.

  2. Adjusting Sunglasses, applying sunscreen. Thanks, Andi, for the morning jolt.

    Going to movie, Cyrus, need some comedy and lunch with a friend today.

    Beep Beep--Look OUT!!! Maria's got a kiss to grab. Sorry to hear about your hip. Enjoy the con.

    Waves to all. Got my 86 words yesterday. Thanks Nicky for helping me not freak when the words didn't gush.

    Thursday Winking at Friday.

  3. And...jury duty is done, the comic script is off to my collaborator, I survived my Board meeting and we don't have another until September, and I'm still alive. WOOOOO!

    Still Alive:

  4. OK, did the aliens already beam up The Pack there?

    Andi, supper was a taco bar on the dinner table. Mason got some of everything but the beef (which he doesn't like). And… he slept all night! Woohoo!!!

    Lisa, 86x365=31,390. That's your baseline; toss in a 1000-word day once a week and you'll have the luxury of cutting a little!

    Kelly, too bad about not being able to drink coffee. I gotta have it. Maybe when I retire I can also retire the pot…

    OK, back to work…

  5. Video - oh yeah - um - I'm working on it. :-) I'm not sure you can use the terms "master" and "Zumba" and "Beth" in the same sentence, though...

    Can't do caffeine. So coffee is merely a sensory pleasure, not a necessity. Then again, since chocolate is a necessity, perhaps coffee does qualify...

    As long as you're plunking your butt in the chair and writing every day, Lisa, you're winning the battle.

    Woo hoo for marking things off the list, Kelly! And taco bars with no beef - my kind of meal.

    Went to a Toastmasters meeting this morning (6:30 - zzzz). They had to make up stories that involved Babe Ruth, the American Revolution, and NYC. Interesting to watch how creative people can be. That's why I put words on paper - can't think on my feet. Could never be an atty - admire those that are, b2!

    Tweaked the first chapter of my WIP yesterday - story starts with a bang now, instead of a whimper. Gotta love rewriting!

    Wishing everyone a stellar Thursday - my last sailing class tonight, sob. And a whopping 70 degrees out there now - don't laugh cuz my feet are cold....

  6. Sitting in Sbucks, hoping the espresso engine gets me going. Yawn. Who put a sedative in this stuff today?

  7. Glad I could brighten your day, Lisa. Write on, dude!

    You are an accomplished man, Kelly.

    Good ti hear you're raising a fine little vegetarian, Farf.

    70 degrees! No fair. (I'm too jealous too take in anything else you said).

    The sedative is in humidity, Nancy -- it's a plot by creationists to slow you down so you sweat more, allowing the amount of humidity to grow and grow until we're finally just living in water and we reverse evolution and go back to the sea.

  8. Andi, that makes total sense.

  9. Well sure it does Nancy ... to all of us whose brains are underwater. ;)

  10. I don't have anything to say but I couldn't let you have the last bubble.

  11. I'd laugh, but I might drown.