Thursday, July 15, 2010

All Buttoned Up

Buttonbush (and their buddy the swallowtail)
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  1. ... continued from last night.

    Beth, of ye of little zumba, we do have great need of that video/

    Farf, glad you're back. Glad your back is on its way back.

    ... back to today.

    H&H is going to be even worse today. I still hate summer weather.

  2. A trailer in July heat is a challenge. Decided to come to Cherokee for a few days. Too many days at home. Two window ACs fight a valiant battle. No dog and glad, too hot.
    I'll think of it as an adventure.
    Beth, me doing the Wii step exercises exposes my rhythm challenged moves. Zumba would merely be a faster more intense experience. Now that strolling and wine--I could master.

    Glad the back cooperates. Mason belching his way to happiness--made me laugh remembering those days with the kids.

    Jim, you are brave & smart. Biking early. Finished Catching Fire. Anxious to read about Kat's & other's fate.

    Maria, enjoy the getting ready to vaca.

    Waves to all--stay cool.

  3. If I actually manage to complete a class, andi, I'll see what I can do. For now, I might have to have someone take a picture of me passed out on the grass after a partial class...

    I've never seen this flower - interesting!

    Eek, H&H. Stay cool, y'all. Low 80's here and no humidity - I won't be rushing back to FL any time soon.

    Strolling and wine were perfect - threw in a little tanning on the beach and lunch at a cafe overlooking the lake. Great girlfriend time. Pix at my place tomorrow.

    Sailing class tonight - have to go practice my knots. Happy day, y'all!

  4. (late) Morning! I'm with Beth, I've never seen (or noticed, anyway) those flowers before, but they're cool. Hope the H&H is quickly tolerated. If you think about it, 50 or 60 years ago most people on Planet Georgia (or Florida, for that matter) didn't have A/C. I remember that was a draw for the local bowling alley in Allegan, MI — they had a sign "Come on in, it's KOOL inside - Air conditioned!"

    Lisa, that would be a great title for a self-help book: "Let It Out - Belch Your Way to Happiness!" Hope the editing is going well…

    Jim, please be careful out there. Someone on a bicycle got pasted in a curve about 1/2 mile from the manor not two hours ago. The Boy drove by shortly after the emergency vehicles arrived; he saw the cyclist in the grass & said "he wasn't moving." This road is a designated (by regional clubs) bike route, and I figured this would happen sooner or later.

    I hate to end this on such a somber note, but I guess you never know…

  5. I'll be careful, Farf. I took the day off and split a few days worth of wood. Soaked through all my clothes in about 15 min.

  6. Hi,all. I've been acting busy, I guess, but that's no excuse for not coming around more often! All is well here, especially since son is moving back to KC!! It'll be lovely to have him around again, although the irony is that I will probably talk to him less. We had nice chats and a lot of email long distance.

    Bows and curtsies to everybody. . .

  7. Oh Jim, you are a glutton for punishment. But I bet you burned 1000 calories!

    Yay for your son coming back to KC, Nancy!! I can imagine you're thrilled. And you can pretend he's still far away for email and phone chats. :-)

  8. Ugh, Lisa. It's making me sweat just thinking about being in a trailer in boiling hot weather.

    Now, now, Beth -- you need to relax and not tie yourself in knots. ;)

    Farf, I hope it turned out that the guy wasn't too badly hurt.

    Howdy Nancy. Happy, happy dance for your son moving back.