Monday, June 28, 2010

We've Got You Coming and Going

Taken June 13, 2010.

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  1. Of course our tails are up, it's how we find each other in the weeds!

    Welcome back — Olivia did a fine job of filling in this weekend, but it's good to see The Pack back on the job.

    I suppose I should put the iPad down and get out of bed, start some coffee, get ready for mime time (2-day week before running away on our own mini-vacation).

    Now that I've scribbled on the VGW, I'll wave to the others and leave you to it…

  2. Welcome home Fs! Hot breakfast rolls and tasty liver snax all around. ;)

  3. Feels so good to get home. Your own bed and bathroom--heaven.
    I felt this rumbling yesterday. Think it was the pups welcoming you home.

    O, thanks so much for keeping us entertained last week.

    Farf, enjoy lazing a bit in the morning. Sounds like you're loving the iPad.

    B, how fun to put faces with the voices of cyberfriends. Hope you get some time to paint soon.

    Beth, sounds like a great time in Idaho. I love watching track and field type events. Cheering on those big hearted back of the pack folks would be just my kinda thing.

    Hope all had a great weekend and a great week to come. Waves to All.

  4. I'm moving pretty slow this morning, Farf, so I empathize with that desire to lie there and do very little.

    Hi Jen! ::politely passes the bowl of liver snax on without taking any::

    We had our own rumblings last night, Lisa, so I guess I feel fully welcomed. :)

  5. Waves to everyone. Going back to bed sounds wonderful. If only.

    Hot and getting humid here. Where's the snow when you need it?

  6. Hola, gang! Spent a weekend mostly offline (yay!) and resting/recuperating. Feel much better today.

    @ the mimes, hoping for a quiet, yet productive day. :)