Thursday, June 17, 2010

We Haven't Driven This Far in Donkey Years

Off to New Hampshire with the first night's stop in Syracuse. Soon to be known: whether Jim and I can survive 12 hours in a car together. The plan is to keep repeating Beth could do it, Beth could do it.

Taken June 6, 2010.

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  1. Morning all. Gotta get up, get going, and get on the road.

    The blog will be stay "open" while we're on vacation. And olivia will be by to post some of her gorgeous pictures too.

    Hopefully, by Saturday, I'll have some vacation pictures to post.

    Hope everybody has a fine day.

  2. And I thought I was going to sully the VGW this a.m.!! Safe travels, Andi & Jim. May the gods of journeying be on your side. :)

    I'm up WAY too early (at 6) after being smashed upside the head with the insomnia wand and the muse. I think I finally got some sleep around 3:30? 4:00? something like that.

    All is not cloudy, however, as I pounded out > 1000 words on book 5 (which will expand into about 3000 eventually) and figured out a neat new twist to my San Diego Noir short story. Am typing that up now.

    I love being in this type of writing groove, but darn it, I wish it didn't come with a lack of sleep. Especially this week. I'm working on Friday to fill in for Jess, one of my colleagues. Her gran passed away Monday evening after a long struggle. That same night, our Dir of Admin experienced a dryer fire--caused by a clog in the vent. All are okay, but she had to take the kids in to be checked out by doc for smoke inhalation. Since it's the end of our fiscal year, she's been a bit crazed anyway, so I've been trying to help her out by backing up the new receptionist and helping train her.

    So, long week, but productive. Long night but VERY productive. I am hoping to get some rest this weekend!

    Ciao, y'all!

  3. Waving Bye Andi and Jim--Safe travels.
    Those long drives are what audio books are great for. Hubby and I have always enjoyed Tony Hillerman.

    Had an outing yesterday--took myself to lunch, some perusing at Borders to look at books similar to mine in YA, got Hubby's Father's Day book(appreciated that 40%coupon), and finished up with a Latte.
    I didn't like the placement of Nancy's Scent on the bottom shelf so I did pull a book to face out on the shelf. Rebel B Me.

    Sonboy flew over hubby's campsite yesterday and wagged wings during a cross country flight to rack up hours. Hubby was so excited. Yeah for cell phones so hubby was watching. Best Father's Day gift.

    Maria, glad the words are flowing. Caffiene up and keep going. Doze this afternoon after work so you can continue writing tonight.

    Thursday Winking at Friday.
    Great day to all.

  4. I'm flattered to serve as your traveling muse, andi. Just remember that Beth stops frequently to nap, look at pretty sights, drink iced decaf, and wiggle her toes in green grass. You can do it!

    Say hello to the Hub of NY for me, and wave when you enter NH. I'll be here til Saturday am.

    Sorry about the wand, Maria. But I finished your first book last night, and am really glad you're writing more! I'm going to buy the rest of the series once I get back to my car (no room in the suitcase). Just loved it. Will read Kelly's on the plane Saturday. You get karma points for helping your coworkers.

    Off to see Jimmy Buffett today, and experience true tailgating for the first time. Now if the rainclouds would just go away...

    Happy Thursday, y'all! Nancy, root extra hard for the Celts for me tonight - I'll be checking the score on my phone.

  5. Have a great trip! Drive safely. Take lots of pics. Hope you have good weather.

  6. Hi, all. Sending good thoughts as needed.

    No voice, tired so pretty much a drive by hi.

  7. Just your basic drive-by hi. Lots of stuff to talk about, but it's enough to deserve its own blog post.

    Safe travels to the Fs!!!

  8. New York!

    Iphone good, typing bad.

  9. Syracuse!

    Not on iPhone but typing still bad because 12 hours in a car is a killer.


  10. Go, Celtics!

    Lisa. . .:)

    Sweet dreams, travelers.