Monday, June 14, 2010

Water Dogs

(and no-water boy)

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  1. Keeping cool with all that fur--Good Going Pups.

    Very quiet here. Hubby is at Scout camp, brother and nephew are back home, so I am Home Alone.
    Don't think they'll make any movie though.
    Plans to WRITE and make goal of all suggested edits by readers deemed good additions to be plugged in, so will be able to send COMPLETED work to Indi Editor on the 25th. Gotta use the good time I have.

    Nancy provides my reading entertainment to balance the tv time. Body found, body missing--hmm. Those sad, two children. An emotional wallop your writing does pack.

    Marvelous Monday to All.

  2. Morning! Nothing like the smell of a wet dog in the morning, huh?

    Lisa, I have to admit being a bit surprised at everyone jumping on the BeliefNet quiz. It was fun to see what everyone else scored too. Good writing to you today.

    I'm taking the scoot to the mimes today. Hoping I can grab an upgrade to my OSX so I can sync this iPad. I think I took about 150 shots at Splat's wedding yesterday, now I have to sort through them this evening. Carry on!

  3. Arrgh, blogger, you suck.

    Hi, gang! Hope you all had a great weekend. I'm off to the mimes today, bringing along the laptop I decided to not sell. (long story).

    SO many things to work on, I figured I'd try doing a lunchtime writing binge. Let's see how that works. ::g::

    Farf, so cool that you got the iPad! If you like, I can send you some recs for apps.

    Marvelous Monday to all!

  4. Having a house to yourself sounds like a great way to get a lot of work done, Lisa.

    I find doing those quizzes are practically a compulsion, Farf ... except for those ones which test which character you are most like in some show or movie I've never watched.

    Hope you get a lot of writing done over lunch, Maria. Or maybe you can plan your essays while pretending to work. :)

  5. Dogs just want to have fun?

    Passing through today. I've got County Board stuff and writing stuff that really need to have been done a couple of days ago looking over my shoulders.

    Happy Monday to all and sundry.

  6. Hi, all. My own Son-Boy is in town, yay!, and he's coming over soon to chat with grandma. Then he and I are going to lunch. It's so nice of her to let us go off on our own without making us feel guilty about it. But she has a physical challenge that makes it uncomfortable for her to go out to eat, so she doesn't force it. Plus, and to give her full credit, she knows how much I appreciate alone time with my boy.

    So happy to see him soon!

  7. Yay that your son's in town, Nancy! Enjoy him!

    Back from the concert and camp - I felt like I was in college again, rocking to songs that were popular in the 70's. It was great!

    Weather is still iffy, so no boating, but we did visit Bike Week in Weirs Beach. Lots of Harley guys and gals. Now my fam is off to a party so I have some down time - yippee!

    Hope everyone had a good weekend, and a good Monday. I hear a glass of wine calling my name...

  8. Hi Kelly. Happy politicking (wtf am I saying???).

    Nancy, I hope you had a wonderful lunch with your son.

    Sounds like a great time, Beth Far out! Rock on!

    And I am officially sick of this weather system -- humid, humid, storms, hot temps, more storms, more humid, more storms, some more stormes ... wait what's this I see on the radar. Why I am so surprised -- it's yet another storm.