Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Poetry Post

Geeky Flower:
Fibonacci numbers appear in many unexpected places, even a posy and poesy.

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by Benjamin Moon

One one two, three five eight
Sounds so simple, nothing great
Thirteen, twenty-one, thirty-four
The hinges creak on an opening door
A repeating patter of the masters hand
Signing his work, the universal plan
Learn to look, the pattern's plain to see
In the smile you flash, the dance of the honeybee
In the spirals of the pine cone and little acorn cap
In spiral arm galaxies and the ocean's wave whitecap
In the swirl of the seashell, the air vortex of a wing
The hurricane's eye and a thousand unseen things
Welcome to the mystery of the Greek letter phi
The measurement of beauty to the human eye
The golden ratio, one point six one eight
One, One, Two; Three, Five Eight


  1. Whoda Thunk math could be so pretty?

    Safely in IL, and heading to NE in a bit. Singing " On the road again..."

    Hope everyone has a peaceful Sunday. And Happy Dad's Day to all dads!

  2. Geometry and Numbers both hold beauty. Pretty Fleur too.

    Glad A & J are enjoying vacation time.

    My pups and I were THRILLED to have Hubby home. Pooped but pleased, he'll be a few days recovering.
    We go to sister-in-laws this afternoon for Father's Day Meal. Hubby's dad is the still the patriarch of the family. Sonboy called and will be coming in for it. Woohoo.
    Daughter can't make the quick trip but we've talked on the phone. So all present and accounted for.

    Beth, Safe travels on the road again.

    Farf and B and FM and any other Pops--Happy Father's Day.
    Relaxing Sunday to All.

  3. Happy Father's Day to any fathers.

    Quiet here which is most nice.

  4. Quiet afternoon, at least for the moment. I'll be taking Snippet to work shortly, maybe a nap in my future (probably a nice but fleeting thought).

    Careful out on the roads, Beth!

    Hope the dinner is fun, Lisa. Dina, enjoy the quiet while it lasts, that's all you can do.

    Later, and happy FD to the other dads out there!

  5. Happy Father's Day to all our dads here at the blog. We've got some good ones here!