Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Study in White

Clockwise from top left: yarrow, blackberry, dewberry, mock orange, bluet, bindweed.

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  1. Ooooh, Aaaah, Andi. Beautiful fleurs.

    Got to sleep in till six-woohoo.
    Now to acclimate the body to summer.
    And boy does it feel like summer with 98 for a high.
    B and others--will gladly take rain and share the sun.

    Farf--hooray for pulling manual out of pocket. Experienced pockets are a blessing.

    Kelly, now I have time to savor my coffee and tea. Great to hear about all your goings on. And public service on top of that.

    MaryB, hope you get that well deserved rest.

    Maria, welcome to the weekend--hope the writing needed for 5 flows.

    Beth, have a good time with Sis.

    Jim, enjoy this first weekend.

    Nancy, A cover that lures you in with it's innocence, yet foreboding. No minimizing please.
    Nice, strong author's name recognition--thank you very much.

    Waves to O, Dina, cheerleader Kidspeak, and all to come.
    Sensational Saturday to All.

  2. Morning all! I haven't even heard of a couple of those, andi, and don't know that I've seen any. But they're gorgeous, and I'll watch for them in the future.

    Yay for summer, Lisa! Enjoy every second of it. Sorry about the heat - blowing cooler air your way. Relax and bask in free time.

    Flying to NH today, woo hoo. Looking forward to a couple of weeks of family time.

    Waving at all who follow. Off to finish packing and make sure I haven't forgotten anything! Enjoy your Saturday, all.

  3. Yeah for summer vacation and sleeping late, Lisa. Boo for ugly hot temps.

    Beth, where in New Hampshire are you going to be and how long will you be there? We'll in the White Mountains (Bretton Woods) starting on the 18th and it would be so cool to have you join us for a hike.

  4. Oh andi, that would have been so much fun. Unfortunately, I fly out the morning of the 19th. I'll be in Raymond, which is near Manchester, in the southern part of the state. Doggone it! Timing has been brutal on this trip.

    Have a glorious time, and I'll leave good karma vibes in the state for you to find. Thanks for thinking of it!

  5. Darn! Well it will be nice to know we're sharing a state with you for a little while. Have a safe flight today.

  6. Morning, gang!

    Lisa, six is NOT sleeping in--not in my book. ::g::

    Insomnia wand did another number on me last night. Think I finally dozed off around 3. Woke at 8:30. Ah well. Going to focus on BL5 today, work out some flows and my version of outline notes.

    Happy weekend, all!

  7. Wow, lots of early Saturday risers here!

    Looks like a pretty nice morning out there. It'll probably rain this afternoon, so I really should be outside instead of eating breakfast & typing on a computer, huh? Maybe I can flap a blanket & blow some of that rain down to Lisa.

    Enjoy NH, Beth. And Andi/Jim when you get there. Too bad you couldn't hook up with Beth.

    Bummer about the insomnia wand, Maria. I guess that's the downside of having lots of writing projects… your brain is spinning at 12,000 rpm & you can't get it to shut down for a few hours.

    Lots of wobble in the schedule today. Hope I can get a little writing & slacking in…

  8. aw that's too bad that you can't hook up with Beth. Although personally I wouldn't try hiking with the f's - a walk on a road would be about my speed.

    I accomplished quite a bit today despite having a headache most of the day. I couldn't figure out if it was a change in weather headache or a caffeine withdrawal headache (too much iced tea this week). Or just the result of a terrible stressful week for which I have to thank my co-workers for once and not any clients.

    Hot and humid here. No plans tonight except to watch the FarScape movie which blissfully arrived in the mail yesterday (yes I've finished season four, but I haven't finished all the DVD extras yet).

  9. Been so busy today that I almost forgot to stop by and say hi!


  10. Hope there some napping, Maria, in between all that focusing.

    And I guess I hope the same for you, Farf.

    Glad you got the Peacekeeper Wars. It would be pretty bad to stop watching after the last episode of Season Four.

    Saturdays are not meant to be busy, Dina.