Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Standing Out (New Hampshire)

Bunchberries June 22, 2010.

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  1. This scribbling on the VGW is getting to be a habit. I'm glad you ID'ed those, I thought they looked like a really low dogwood at first.

    Mrs. Fetched had this wild-arse notion to get out of the manor by 6:30 this morning. I didn't expect it to happen, and it hasn't. But 8:30 isn't out of the question.

    Waving at all y'all — and best of luck to Lisa, as you query your heart out…

  2. Novel ground cover is a good symbolic image for me today, as I enter the new territory of another decade. I am now officially an Old Broad. I made a list of demands, but I can't remember where I left it. ;)

    We're grilling out and having ice cream cake (um, not exactly simultaneously). I hope all of you are well as can be and that you have a great day, whatever you get up to.

  3. Andi, what a fun pair of picks. I was with Farf in thinking Dwarf Dogwood.

    Happy Trials, Farf and Mrs. Fetched.

    Happy, Happy Birthday, Jen. Welcome to the old Broad network.

    Beth, sounds like you're having fun. Keep it up.

    Off to work today. Working on our new program for positive behavior this fall. Heck, I guess this means I'll have to be nice.

    Kb, what good books did you discover?

    Maria, You can make it all week. Just perk that cute do, put a smile on, and get with it.

    Wonderful Weds. to All.

  4. Andi - I love this photo! I've been looking for attractive ground cover & Bunchberries look nice.

    FAR, are you going on vacation? Have fun! When you have time, I need help in figuring out if a Kindle Book has DRM on it.

    Lisa, The Passage (very popular but, great in spite of it.) The Lonely Polygamist (recommended by Nancy - this book should get all the awards this year. It's shockingly good.) Her Majesty's Dragon (I think the eBook is still free - there's some sort of promotion going on. This is an enchanting fantasy.)

    I think I might have left something out but, these are the biggies.

  5. First things first:

    Most excellent and very happy birthday, Jen! We happily welcome you to the rarefied ranks of the Old Broads.

    Farf, we let you take care of the VGW because you do it so well.

    Lisa, you win -- a google search shows that bunchberries are also called dwarf dogwoods.

    Morning, kb. That sounds like a good list, though since I know The Passage is part a multi-book series, I probably won't start it until it's finished.

  6. Oh, CRAP!! I didn't wish Jen Happy Birthday!!!

    Jen, Happy, Happy Birthday! I think you'll find that the weather is perfect over here. And your day sounds marvelous!

    Andi, Her Majesty's Dragon is also the first of a multi-book series. I think the author is up to book 8 but, I'm not sure. This one doesn't have a planned ending.

  7. Happy Birthday, Jen!! Welcome to the Old Broad's club. :)

    Hump day, busy as it's the end of our fiscal year. I'm working on adminstrivia and playing with Photoshop Elements. Whee!

    Off to Costco @ lunch with a colleague.

    Re: Naomi Novik's books - I highly second/third/whatever. Naomi is a very cool person and writes brilliantly. Love her books!

    Farf, hope by this time, you are on the road to vaca-ville!!

    Must run, as the mimes are waving...

  8. We are having spectacular weather today and I hope it has reached the F's in Indiana.

    Happy Birthday Jen, broadly speaking.

  9. Hippo birdie, Jen! Echoing old broad club welcome...enjoy your celebration!

    Glad they're also called dogwoods, cuz they sure look like them!

    Another sunny day in CDA. At least I remembered to come back and comment today, as opposed to the past few days. My brain seems have stayed in Nebraska or some such place - feeling very scattered. Maybe it's the lack of wine and chocolate.

    Happy vaca-ing, Farf! And happy day to everyone else. I'm reading Kelly's and Maria's books right now, so can only recommend them. But woo hoo, can I do that!!

    Hi KB! Welcome back!

    Off to tan, and meet friends for drinks, although I have a mammogram in between, oh joy. I think I'll need the drinks.


  10. OMG happy b'day Jen!!!! How'd I miss that?

    We have arrived safely at Mom's. Mason likes it here, a lot better than he liked the long ride up here anyway. We've been out for a long stroll after supper; he enjoyed looking at the landscaping and people adoring him. :-)

    Continuing to unwind…

  11. Thank you all for the birthday wishes! Also unwinding here. :)

  12. Maria, happy 'puter playing.

    Mary, it did indeed arrive here and it is wonderful.

    Hope the boob-squishing wasn't too bad, Beth.

    I'm sure if you unwind too much, Jen, Wes and Lucy can wind you right back up. :)

  13. Glad you made it safely, Farf - have fun! And it was painless, andi - the folks here are SO good. I had one in VA that brought me to my knees - hence always returning to CDA for them.

    Pho for dinner, and now settling down to work for a while. Busy, fun day.

    Good night to all who are still up - still getting used to the Pacific time zone again.