Saturday, June 19, 2010

Some Pleasures of New Hampshire

Devil's Paintbrush, Franconia Notch

The Depot, Crawford Notch
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  1. Well, summer unofficially arrived in NH yesterday, so andi and Jim must have brought it with them. Here's to gorgeous weather and lazy days!

    Braving the VGW because I have to get up and going. Flying to Chicago this morning, to pick up my car and resume my westward journey. It's been a good visit with my family - it's always hard to leave, not knowing when I'll see them again.

    Buffett pictures at my place, with lake pix following - maybe tomorrow.

    I hope everyone has a stellar Saturday, with a little work and a lot of relaxing. I'll wave if I fly over your house...

  2. Safe travels, Beth.

    Happy hiking A&J.
    Beautiful flower and lovely landscape.

    Hubby comes home today. It will be good to have another body in the house. I've grown a bit weary of my own company. The pups will be major excited to have dad back. That means a bit of house straightening and oh yeah--dinner planning.

    HOT here so stay cool and enjoy a sensational Saturday.

  3. Mornin'. This is going to be an "afternoon nap" kind of day, especially since Mason was awake until almost 2 this morning. Don't know why for sure, but I brought Daughter Dearest home around midnight and he was still up then — and seeing her got him excited again…

    Safe trip, Beth! I did look up the storm chase tours for you; my buddy said they're booked for the year but you could probably get a slot for next year. Got like three grand? (Cheap method: if you get passed by a line of battered-looking vehicles with a forest of antennas on top of each one, follow them: they're heading toward a storm.)

    Enjoy having your family back, Lisa. Hope you got lots of writing done.

    Whoops, there goes Mason, type at y'all later…

  4. Have a good trip, Beth.

    Hi Farf and Lisa.

    We've been up and down and up and down today (hiking up one mountain, driving up another). A good day spent with some friends of ours who came up from Boston.