Friday, June 4, 2010

Silhouette by Olivia. Oh yeah -- and by me

Excitement! Olivia will be posting pictures here more or less ... we might start with less but I'm working on talking her into more.


Click images to see larger versions


  1. Andi, What a coup gettin O to contribute to our daily nature pleasures.

    Thanks O for sharing. I for one am inspired by the pics and appreciate the gift you and Andi give us.

    Free at last. The kiddos are gone for the year. One fight and two major pains in the drains made the end of the day even sweeter.

    Now I just need a match to organize my mountains, well maybe just small hills of papers. Better use the file cabinets so no more trees than have to die for the good of education.

    Nancy, you can send me some of your rain. Be happy to take it off your hands. I thing the idea of small plastic pots that can be rearranged at whim sounds just fine. My copy of Scent is calling out to me from the night stand. I'm trying to finish a Lisa Gardner as fast as I can so I can relish my Nancy Pickard. I can tell how important you are. YOUR NAME is bigger than the title.

    Andi, I love the pot on the rail.

    Farf, hope the forgotten manual develops FAST.

    A great Friday and Weekend to All.

  2. Morning, gang!

    Olivia, great pics - love the stark contrasts. Glad you're contributing to the pretty!

    Andi, thanks for more of the gorgeous green. It'll take my mind off the nasty heat & humidity here.

    Lisa, w00t!! Freedom!!

    I'm off to the mimes today, first in a series of penance Fridays, banking days for my July vacation/biz trip to San Diego for Comic-Con. Not a huge deal, especially since Monday was a hol.

    Diving into Blood Lines 5 headfirst this weekend (hereafter known as BL5 until there's a real title), plus wrapping up YA proposal.

    Just signed on to do an essay for Kelly McC's buddy/archivist Lynne Thomas for a book called WHEDONISTAS. It's celebrating the worlds of Joss Whedon. This should be cake...AND pie, as Joss continues to be an inspiration to me.

    I just LOVE doing this sort of thing! Kelly, thanks so much for putting me in touch with Lynne! Ended up working out better than expected. :)

    Fabtastic Friday, folks!!

  3. Yay, Olivia's back! The contrast is interesting… minimalist vs. lush.

    Woohoo, Lisa's free! Time to start pounding the ol' keyboard now, right? I got the manual finished just as it was time to wrap up yesterday. I emailed it off & will see if anything comes back once I get to the mimes… if not, into the approval tool it goes, and there's one more miracle I pulled out of my, um, back pocket!

    Hey Maria, sounds like you're getting your plate filled right up — good thing, right?

    Friday already? I lurve me a four-day work week. We should do it every week. Well, off to the mimes with me now…

  4. Farf, filling the plate is indeed a good thing. I find that the more I write, the more I want to write. :)

  5. Thanks for bringing back O pictures, andi - my two favorite photographers on the same page! (waving at O - I've missed you!) Gorgeous shots, ladies.

    Yay Lisa! DONE! Sending a blowtorch your way...

    San Diego in July - perfect timing! Love that place. Just not enough rain for me - oh yeah, and the cost of apartments is a wee bit out of my budget. Worth extra work days, Maria.

    Yay for back pockets, Farf!

    Waiting for the rain to stop/slow down, so we can visit the Japanese gardens. With a stop at Dunkin Donuts on the way - free donut day today, yee haw! Last day in Chicagoland. Looking forward to seeing my sis tomorrow.

    Happy TGIF, y'all! Enjoy your day -

  6. Love seeing Olivia's pics!

    Waves to all! Have a good (rainy) weekend. At least I won't be at work. Sigh.

  7. School's out for Lisa! w00t!

    Oh wow, Maria -- doing an essay for a Whedon book. Way, way cool!

    I haven't been able to get the day of week right this whole week, Farf. I'm hoping that's a preview of what it will be like when Jim and I are retired. ;)

    Japanese garden sounds great, Beth. I'll bet you'll get some nice pics for your blog there.

    We've had rain everyday this week, b2, so I'm in full sympathy with you.

  8. Waves to all. Yesterday was too hot to do anything but today is better.

    I do realize that I love leading a boring life - of course, it is spiced up by reading about you all.

    Maria - write faster.

    Nancy - started Scents and loving it.

    Love all the pictures - great contrasts.

  9. Ooooooohhhhh O!

    Not quite as good as having her blog back but very exciting. (waves to Olivia).

    And your pic is lovely too.

    The weekend can't get here fast enough for me. I need downtime.

  10. Purty, and Maria, very cool, that did work out well. Go you!

  11. Olivia!!!!

    Yes, but Lisa, the title's not very big. :)

  12. But Dina, you get to go to mystery cons and hobnob with all those charming writers. Sounds pretty exciting to me.

    My pic, Mary, is honored just to be in proximity of one of Olivia's. Happy weekend to you.

    Howdy Kelly. Nice of you to do good work for fellow writers.

    So Nancy, I guess what you're saying is: "I am big, it's the titles that got small".

  13. Hi everyone. Thanks for the warm welcome -- have missed you all too -- and especially to Andi for inviting me to post on the F's wonderful blog. (I've really missed blogging since shutting down po.)

    It's an honour for me Andi ... :)

  14. The honor is all mine (the 'u' is yours).

  15. O-L-I-V-I-A Olivia
    O-L-I-V-I-A Olivia
    I'm gonna shout it every day Olivia

    I am so glad you'll be seen here, Olivia!

    Thanks to the 40 acres, now More than ever.