Thursday, June 10, 2010

Seeing the Unseen

Taken May 31, 2010.
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  1. Pretty Baby, surprised you get to see such sights with the pups leading the way.

    Full day workshop today on positive behavior--changing ours and the kiddos. Been gathering data and will be looking at statistics. The last time we met there was some tension among the staff, so will be interesting to see how today goes. And I get to drive across the county to experience all this--woohoo.

    Maria, I'm so glad you get a cleaning fairy. I did too when I was working on my master's years ago. Hubby does do quite a bit now. I need the clutter fairy to visit too and that's even after last summer's purge. Need to go zen and simple life.

    We got rain yesterday and more predicted for today, so a bit of relief from hot, dry summer.

    Nancy, you have transported me to Kansas and I'm LOVING the Linders. You've got me worried and wondering what will happen next. It's gonna be bad, you've made that clear. I am fascinated at how you are able to peel away and expose the layers of these people. I want to drink in each detail, but you keep me on edge and turning those pages. What a great reading experience!! And so much left to relish.

    Off to Work.
    Thursday Flirting with Friday to All.

  2. It's laying going, "If you're gonna eat me, make it quick, OK?"

    Mason got us off to a late start this morning, after I turned him over to Snippet. He was still rockin' and rollin' at 11pm. Right now, he's watching PBS and mostly being quiet, but I really don't think a lot of TV is all that good for him (even PBS).

    Lisa, here's hoping the workshop bears fruit. Sounds suspiciously like a meeting to me, and the IQ of a meeting is Σ(0→n)/n^2. (In other words, the average IQ divided by the number of people in the meeting.)

    Been working on the wood spill behind the manor. At least it isn't spreading. :-P

  3. I thought the same thing, Lisa - how did that baby lie so still with the pack around? What a wonderful discovery.

    I'm thinking simplify these days too, Lisa - although as Farf pointed out, if I shed 1000# of stuff, I still have two tons left. But since I used to have 7000#, I think that's progress...hope the tension is gone with the students.

    Oil spill - too horrific for words.

    Rainy day in Boston, yippee! Heading back to NH this afternoon - love riding the train (or bus) through the towns between here and there, and soaking up the houses and buildings and little main streets - so different from FL, or Idaho.

    Hope everyone has a great day - I'm off to have my last lunch with my buddy. It's been a fun visit.

  4. Beth and Lisa, the dogs found the fawn first and scared it quite a bit so it's natural reaction was to freeze. Last year, I found two fawns but the dogs wouldn't go near either one and I was the one who ended up scaring them.

    I love to read to kids, Farf so I hope you can substitute some great picture books for the pictures on TV.

  5. Andi, I keep talking about getting some drool-proof baby books from the local thrift store, but first I have to get some time to *do* that.

    Beth, if you've already shed 2000 pounds of stuff, you're doing better than me. Now if your car is included in the weight total, you're almost there, actually!

  6. Hi Kelly.

    Board books, Farf, are pretty much everything proof.