Friday, June 11, 2010

Pink Profusion

(Click on photo for larger view.)


  1. Pink profusion provides primal pleasures.

  2. In the pink...shades of pink...rose colored glasses...

    Morning, gangtastic! Happy Friday, w00t! Working @ the mimes today to make up for Monday.

    Up early thanks to new meds. Thank you, Doctor C.

    Missed chatting with you all yesterday. Got busy in the a.m. then spaced it.

    For those of you who get Mystery Readers Journal, I'm going to have a short essay in the next issue (which spotlights the paranormal). The editor, Janet Rudolph, asked me to contribute (I seem to be getting a lot of that these days) and of course, I said "yes". Thank goodness I had a blog post from last year that I could tweak a little and send off.

    It's early, so I'm taking advantage of the time to start outlining my Whedon essay for Whedonistas. Catch you all later and happy end-of-week!

  3. Andi, tickle me pink to end the week with those beautiful pics.

    Survived workshop and have two more paid work days this summer to put together this positive behavior initiative for the coming year.

    Brother dear and nephew arrive for a visit today. The big topic of discussion will be brother moving in later in the summer while looking for a job.
    Hubby busy getting ready for a week at scout summer camp at Possum Kingdom Lake. Good for him to have some time away from home with "the guys".

    No more rain for us, so back to HOT AND HUMID.

    Beth and Nancy--Yeah, Celtics.

    More cleaning of house and such today and then cooking and visiting.

    A good Friday for All.

  4. Great shots, Olivia. I love the dof in the top left. The lower left reminds me of fireworks.

  5. Mornin', y'all. The Insomnia Fairy came to pay me a visit last night. I figured I'd sleep pretty good after working on the wood spill behind the manor (pictures, including a buggly, on the blog), but I ended up playing Sudoku & cards on my iPhone until almost 2 a.m. Olivia's pinkitude is helping, so is the coffee.

    Go Maria! Welcome to the Friday the rest of us working stiffs have. ;-)

    Lisa, hot & humid seems to be a feature of summer anywhere east of the Rockies. When I start sweating, I figure I'm getting rid of excess sodium & other junk I don't need in my system… might as well look at the bright side, right?

    Hey Andi & Jim… thanks to you guys for giving Olivia a "contributor" slot so we'll get to see more of her stuff.

    Time to jump on the bike & head to the mimes. Just got to remember my food… and drink MORE COFFEE… damn Insomnia Fairy.

  6. Pretty pink petals, O! There's a pic of some at my place, from the Fenway Victory Gardens in Boston. Not nearly as artistic, tho!

    Ditto thanking andi for inviting O to share her shots with us, too.

    Enjoy your visit, Lisa - sounds wonderful. Nothing like visiting with family you like. :-)

    Sorry about the fairy, Farf. She seems to have abandoned me since I left FL. Maybe you could find a med student that would welcome her...

    Looks like a cool cloudy damp weekend in NH. Which is fine with me, but not great for boating. I'll sit back with a cup of decaf and watch the rain fall.

    Have a great Friday, all!

  7. Drive by.

    Love those flowers, Olivia! Pink doesn't quite cover it!

    Beautiful day in the valley. TGIF! Good day to all!

  8. Lovely - Olivia's pictures AND Andi's, all on the same page.

    Busy doing copy edits (and disagreeing with some of them!)and just had an email discussion re the cover for Murder Fortissimo. Mmm, have requested lots and lots of blood - (which is slightly worrying, actually... bearing in mind I'm a sweet little old lady)

    Have a great weekend all; after a week or so of proper summer weather, we're back to glum and dreary at the moment. Bah Humbug.

  9. I hope you'll give us some idea about the tack you're taking in the essay, Maria. I'm really interested.

    Lisa, those pictures are by olivia -- I just wish I'd taken them. :)

    Farf, I think we need to squash that fairy once and for all.

    I enjoyed your pics a lot Beth. When you go back for your dinner in the North End, check out the Daily Catch.

    Glad you're getting some good weather, b2.

    Well Nicky, I don't like to be a doubter but I've seen your picture and read your comments so I'm not buying the sweet little old lady stance (though a cover that combined lots of blood and a sweet old lady sounds like a good juxtapostion).

  10. O--I figured it out. Pink O.
    O my inability to read posted by so early in the a.m.
    O what a fool am I.
    But appreciating all the same.

    Nicky, I'm with Andi--Sweet little old Lady--not--Feisty Lady and very good Grandmama--absolutely.
    What's a bit more blood among mystery readers.

  11. Olivia, very pretty. The bottom left one reminds me of some of the flower x-ray shots I've seen.

    So far today I've done a lot of stuff that isn't working on the book: Highway committee, cats to vets (Laura) but still stressy for me, SFN blogging, cat blogging, dragondiaries, email managed, failed troubleshooting of the netbook's wifi connection. Need to go write now.

  12. You guys are such early-risers! Thanks sent to blogger's schedule post feature ... ;-)