Saturday, June 12, 2010

Life Imitates Art: Rousseau II

Taken May 31, 2010.

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  1. Rousseau is my favorite impressionist and this captures it so well. Looking for the lady and the monkeys or tiger though.

    Nephew going to gun show with hubby and brother and I will have good visit.
    Went to wedding in the park last night. Pentacostal women with beehive hairdos, long skirts and bright blouses were in the majority so I fit right in--NOT. I can only take dips into organized religion functions. Fodder for future stories.

    Taking a few days off from the edits with family and friends spending the night and visiting.

    A great weekend to all.
    Andi, pat the pups for me. Jim, relish these days off as we get used to no "work".

  2. Is that a sumac, Andi? It has the right number & configuration of leaves on each of those fronds. A good tall one if it is!

    Lots of pentecostals around here too, Lisa. Mrs. Fetched leans ever so slightly that way. Me, I took that quiz on BeliefNet a couple years back and found that my beliefs fit perfectly with Orthodox Quakers. Unfortunately, there aren't any Quaker congregations near the manor. Hope the wedding went well, anyway. My nephew Splat is getting married on Sunday, and I'll be taking pix for that while Mrs. Fetched videotapes.

    Coffee needs to kick in. Mason's already going full throttle. Weekend!!!!

  3. ::breezes in::

    Hi, all! Working on revisions to Glee essay.

    Great weekend to all!

    ::breezes out::

  4. Don't know Rousseau's work, but looks like I'll have to check it out. Yay for green leaves!

    Rain today, which I love, but it means no boat day again. Tried to change my reservations to stay with my fam a wee bit longer, but United wants $1000 to do so. I miss the days of changing your mind for free. Looks like I'll go shopping for warm clothes instead today - summer in NH, gotta love it. Better than the FL humidity!

    Enjoy your Saturday, folks - quiet time and honey-dos.

  5. Farf, you got my curiosity up so I went and took the BeliefNet quiz.
    NeoPagan came out 100% LOL. Have more in common with Wicca and Druids than I thought.
    2nd is Unitarian Universalism which I figured would be close at 96%.
    3rd is Liberal Quakers at 88% so we share some of that but who'd a thunk I'd be the more Liberal. LOL
    (Orthidox Quaker was 47% for me)

    I enjoy learning about different ideas about religion. Interesting.

  6. Crumbs, the things you find on the internet - I'm 100% Secular Humanist on there! (Actually, I'm a very agnostic Anglican who only likes the archaic forms of worship - 17th Century King James's Bible, and the prayer book. And that's only for the beauty of the language!) But not surprisingly, the Church of England doesn't figure on the quiz! My new book has a clergyman sleuth too, I'd better read up on it a bit more.

  7. Wow, I think I've moved to a tropical forest -- I came back from my not-raining walk just drenched. Humid, humid, humid. Ick.

    Morning Lisa, Maria, Beth, Farf, and Nicky.

    I had to go take the quiz too. I was nearly tied at top two between Secular Humanism (100%) and Unitarian Universalism (91%) and at the bottom between Roman Catholic (14%) and Jehovah's Witness (12%).

  8. Quiz...there was a quiz???

    ::taking a quick break::

  9. It is disgusting here, so humid I could use gills. The dog refuses to go outside. So we're inside watching the world cup together.

    I took the quiz and it came up with Reformed Judaism followed closely by NeoPaganism. Not sure what to make of that since I know next to nothing about either.

  10. Farf, I forgot to say that it's not sumac but a black walnut.

    Mary, I can't help with Neopaganism but Reform Judaism keeps the basic ethical tenets of Judaism but discards most of the legalism, and all of the gender discrimination. It's very social justice oriented (alert Glen Beck!), home to the most lefty of leftist Jews, and heavy on being as inclusive as possible.

  11. So my results are 100% Neo-Paganism - too funny. Guess I'll have to read up on that a wee bit!