Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Layer Lake

Taken June 1, 2010.

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  1. Cool, calm water--a Good Way to start the day.

    They are predicting rain today and tomorrow--Hope they're right.

    Finished Type In yesterday--WooHoo. Now off to readers, tweak a bit when get feedback then back to the Indi editor. I'm about 20-40 pages shorter than I'd hoped but rather than knash teeth will let editor help me identify issues.

    Errands and some cleaning today--the cleaning fairy can visit any time.
    Great MidWeek to all.

  2. Yay, Lisa! And I think a lot of books would benefit from tighter editing so I don't the book being shorter is a bad thing.

    Jim, *snort*.

    Off to Cincy. See ya'll later.

  3. Morning, gang!

    Jim, ha! But you know it's only because of the angle. ::g::

    Lisa, yay for the type-in!! (Psst, today my cleaning fairy arrives, too bad you're so far away).

    Watched Glee finale in my building's media room last night. Really awesome TV and surround sound. The show did a fabulous rendition of "To Sir, With Love" - I totally teared up. My colleague, Janna, is way too young to remember the movie and didn't really get the reference.

    Off to the mimes today. The t'storms are a-coming...

    Happy Wednesday!

  4. Here's hoping the day is as calm as that lake. HA!

    Lisa, it's not the size of the book that counts, it's how you turn the pages. :-P

    Maria, if I ever come visit, I'll be sure to bring some thumpin' trance CDs and give that sound system a workout. Heehee.

    Looks like I've added 4700 words to book 2 since Saturday evening. This one particular part WILL NOT LET ME GO.

    Mime time.

  5. Love the lake, andi. Never was much for geometry, although I'm a pun fan from way back.

    Congrats, Lisa! Wait and see what the editor says re word count - good luck! And enjoy the muse beatings, Farf!

    Supposed to get rain in Boston later tonight, and all day tomorrow. Gorgeous 73 degrees and sunny right now - enjoying the peace and quiet of Kenmore Square/Boston University when the students are gone.

    Enjoy the storms for me, Maria - glad Glee finale didn't disappoint.

    Poor Celtics last night - watched the game at the Boston Beer Works (across from Fenway) with many disappointed fans. Fingers crossed they get their wits back tomorrow night.

    Off to meet my friend for lunch in a bit - I'm at Barnes and Noble to buy some friend-books! Happy Hump Day, y'all -

  6. Hi Maria, Farf, and Beth.

    Looks like it was a very calm day at the blog. And a nice day in Cincy for us.

  7. Chicago won the Stanley Cup. Don't know why I'm SO surprised. And I don't know whether I'm pleased that a midwestern team brought it home or chagrined because now they'll be even more arrogant when the Blues play them.

    night all.