Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Just Visiting

Taken May 26, 2010.

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  1. Quite the dandy visitor. Looks ominous like the bad prince/sheriff/duke in those swashbuckler movies.
    Love the black and yellow contrast.

    Yesterday was a totally nothing accomplished day on my writing. After I avoided in the morning I actively watched tv and read so I could get back to it today.
    As reward I will start Scent.

    Did get the info ready for Workshop I have to go to Thursday.

    Yesterday was like looking through a window at all your friends waving and shouting and they didn't notice. Hope Blogger is better today.

    Terrific Tuesday for all.

  2. ACK, BUG!!! ::runs::

    Uhm, I might be a wee bit weirded out by large bugs.

    Off to the mimes today. Headache still a bit lingery, but I shall persevere. Tonight, GLEE finale, w00t!! Friend J and I are going to go down to apt. media room to watch.


    Got editorial notes back on Glee essay; there is rewriting ahead. But at least now with finale, I have more to work with.

    Have a great Tuesday!

  3. Cool black cape, kind of like a buzzard. I took some shots of a grey wood beetle over the weekend, it had a great pair of eye spots. I'll have to post that tonight or tomorrow.

    Good writing today, Lisa. Some days it just doesn't want to happen. Some days you're writing and someone drops the grandkid in your lap. Oh wait, that's my lap…

    Happy essaying, Maria!

    My iPhone seems to be ailing… it flakes out when it gets warm, which happens when using a lot of data or talking in 3G mode. Trying to decide whether I even want another smellphone. Later…

  4. That's quite the critter, Andi. But after getting stung twice this past weekend I wouldn't want to get too close.

    Happy writing, Maria and Lisa.

    Sorry about the phone, Far. Perhaps it's time for a new one.

    See y'all later.

  5. Have fun reading the book, Lisa. It was excellent. And that's all I say so I don't do any stupid spoilers.

    Maria, it isn't a large bug -- it's a very small flower. :)

    Looking forward to seeing your picture, Farf.

    No stinger on that bug, b2, so you're safe.

  6. it almost looks like a firefly, if it's small, andi. Sorry about getting bit, b2 - I've developed an allergy to beestings the last couple of years, so am very wary of biting buggies.

    Ditto on the book, Lisa - it was hard to put down.

    Sorry about the phone, Farf - I like my Eris, but trying to type on the touch screen gets old in a hurry. Will most likely opt for a real keyboard next time. Good luck deciding!

    Off to Boston to spend a couple of days with a good friend. Will check in as I can, via air card. Hopefully we'll do some sightseeing - and of course, watch the Celtics tonight!

    Seems like Glee just started again, Maria - time flies.

    Have a great Tuesday, all - I'm off to see Mr. Amtrak!

  7. Heyo folks,

    Banging my head against the first 6 chapters of the new book. Again. Least favorite part of the novel process happening right here right now.

    The bug twigs my ick factor, but it's quite a pretty sort of ick.

    Good writing to those that indulge. Good everything else to those that don't.

  8. Bugs - UGH!

    From yesterday - yes, Peter was on a wire. And it seemed to go fairly well (except for the one time she/he couldn't grasp the prop she/he was supposed to be standing on!)

    Tired today. Water yoga but very challenging because I had to miss two weeks.

    Hope you all had great Tuesdays.

  9. It is a firefly, Beth (or lightning bug as we call 'em here). Hope the train ride ride was fine.

    Seeing all the struggles you writers go through, Kelly, makes me happy to be one the "don't" side.

    I'll be the chances for bad things happening are pretty good, Dina, so that they're pretty happy if it's only something small.