Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Just A Little Ray of Sunshine

All photos taken June 4, 2010.

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  1. Those are all pretty, but the pine ridge shot is pretty spectacular. :)

    I'm posting on the fly -- I've been super busy -- but I will email you soon, Andi, (you too Ms. O!) and of course I hope everyone else is well and happy as can be, as always.

  2. Jen!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad to hear from you. I've been pretty busy myself and we're getting ready to go on vacation but I was planning to email you soon too to see if we can get together in July; now I'll wait to hear from you. Hope the writing is going well and that E, Wes, and Lucy are all doing great.

  3. Jen!! Miss you on the blog!

    Andi, thanks for the ray o'sunshine. I can definitely use it. I *think* I'm done with my Glee essay revisions. One more pass today and then off to the editor.

    Ended up getting TV back because I realized I am doing more writing about TV--duh. Sometimes it takes the clue bat to bop me over the head. Ordered TiVo, too thanks to a very nice 3 months free coupon. That will be installed a week from Friday.

    Now, time to work on the next set of projects: Whedonista essay, noir short story and book 5. whee!!??

    This is a VERY good kind of busy, but still a bit overwhelming.

    Cheers to all!

  4. Hi Jen!!!!

    Gotta love these shots… I bet you couldn't decide which one to use, so use them all!

    (From yesterday)
    Yes Maria, I'd love to hear your app recommendations. I was hoping to find something along the lines of "10 apps you must have," but I expect I'll be getting Pages whether or not that's one of them.

    Nancy, hope you had a great time with son boy.

    Andi, we're getting typical June weather on Planet Georgia now. Pretty much what you described. Off to the mimes shortly!

  5. Brother got hit with the mega rain in OK City but luckily lives on high ground. We're needing rain so, I'd gladly help ya out Andi by siphoning some storms away.

    Big waves to Jen.

    Maria, didn't know you'd gotten rid of tv. That is our major entertainment, especially hubby. Love the DVR so can watch what you want when you want--you'll love it. Good writing.

    Nancy, my heart just swelled for you getting to see sonboy. I know you miss seeing him more often. I know your mother enjoyed visiting with him too. Happy Hugging.

    Kelly, enjoy that official capacity. We do need good people in local politics.

    Farf, I'm jealous of iPad. Will live vicariously through listening to you and Maria.

    Andi, I'm hoping you find a bit cooler on your vacation.

    Off to breakfast and need to get working.

  6. Nice to see you out and about, Jen!

    Glad that your brother wasn't affected by the OK flooding. Crazy weather out there.

    Weather has been low 70's, damp, cloudy and cool in NH this week, but they're calling for more sun and less rain next week. So it hopefully will be perfect for your vaca, andi and Jim.

    Fam is going to the Red Sox tonight. I'm staying home and enjoying some quiet down time. Reading, writing, trip planning, and watching the Celtics win (hopefully).

    Off to soak up some rays - first ones we've seen in over a week! Have a great Tuesday, y'all.

  7. Love those rays, Andi, especially the lower left.

    Beautiful day here in the Valley.

    Good day to all! Back to court.

    Hopefully we'll be blackout-free today.

  8. Congrats on getting the Glee essay revised, though I'm much more interested in the Whedon one. :)

    Farf, you have no idea how hard it was ... I had 14 shots of streaky light to choose from. It was quite the spectacular morning. Sorry to hear you're having the same yuck weather we are.

    I'm glad to hear your brother is okay, Lisa. I was listening to a story about the rain on NPR this morning and it sounded awful. Thanks for the vacation weather wishes,

  9. Lots of rain heading your way Andi. We had the kind where you can't see it's raining so hard.

    It did cool it down slightly.

  10. Wah! We've already had that kind of rain ... multiple times. I am really sick of this weather pattern.

  11. Sorry about the rain, andi. Same here, but I love it. Had a clear sunny day today - I'll try to send the next one your way.

    Getting ready to watch the Celtics - Nancy, are you watching too? Go PP!

  12. Beth, I'm here! Come on, Green!

    Jen! So nice to see you.

    Andi, who said you could go on vacay? Take us, take us!

    Those Ok floods, oh man. Best wishes to everybody in flood plains/paths--like Maryb.

    Maria, that's a LOT of work! The good news and the bad news, heh.

    Far and Lisa, seeing my very own Son Boy was very sweet. We had such a nice time.

    B2, seeing your name reminds me to go check out your painting progress!

    I hope I didn't miss anyone. xxoo

  13. Boy, Nancy, they'd better get busy. Pierce is the only one doing anything - why does this team either play so hot or so cold? Argh!!!

  14. They're playing as if they don't care if it goes to 7. Maybe they think the Lakers were bound to come out with all pistons firing, and so they're just letting them wear themselves out.

  15. I know they can come back, but it gets tiring watching them fall so far behind, then fight so hard to get even again.

    It seems that they either care a bunch and play great, or don't care at all. No happy medium.

    Argh!! Frustrating...

  16. I hope you're right about the weather in NH, Beth.

    Howdy b2. Very jealous of your beautiful weather.

    Why of course we'll take you, Nancy. You just have to get yourself to our door bright and early Thursday morning.

    Not an NBA fan but since other people -- Go Celtics!

  17. It was gorgeous in Raymond today, andi. Mid 70's, sunny, breezy, no humidity - simply wonderful. I hope that lasts while you're here, and the rain from last week doesn't come back.

    Not an NBA fan either, but I do watch the finals. And right now, my chosen team is getting trounced, sigh.