Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Irrational Exuberance

Taken June 5, 2010.

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  1. Shroomage! And the VGW is mine to pwn!

    Sounds like everyone had a nice evening, except for the Celts. Working at home today, expecting a lot of distractions. Daughter Dearest is having a fine time at the beach; she texted me a photo of some random sunbather in a thong and another of the view from their hotel.

    Must start coffee & drag The Boy out of bed. Later!

  2. Mmmm, shrooms!! Tasty, my precious.

    Morning, early-rising Farf. :)

    We've got more weather today--rain/t'storms, etc. Sooo tired of it. I could totally stay at home and nap. ::g::

    I think I shall hit the mimes early and go for Starbucks across the street. Need caffeine, I do.

    ::waves to the later arrivals::

  3. Sunny Dallas is all we're getting and could use that rain. Dissolved before getting here yesterday.

    Andi, here's hoping you find some sun on holiday. Cool but sunny.

    Does this mean the Celtics will be well rested for the next game?

    Farf, enjoy the day at home, though sometimes getting away from family is a good thing.

    Maria--going to pour myself another cup. So here's to a caffinated morning.

    Nancy--warm fuzzies about sonboy visit. Are you doing any workshops or things to promote the book?

    Beth--sounds like you are enjoying hanging out with others for a while.

    Breakfast calls and then work.
    Wonderful Weds to All.

  4. Starbucks sound yummy! Then again, so does rain, even though we had more than our fair share last week. Looks cloudy out there, but I'm hoping it burns off so I can keep working on my tan (yes, decadent, I know).

    Convinced the company I work for to train me in another aspect that doesn't have the gaps my current job has, so it looks like I'll be busy forever starting next week. And one random project later today, phew. My checkbook will be happy.

    Glad DD is enjoying FL - those beaches hopefully will be protected from the oil, due to the currents. But who really knows.

    Doggone Celtics. They barely showed up. Will miss the game tomorrow because I'll be watching Jimmy Buffett, but will keep track of the score on my phone.

    Sending cool clear weather to all, except Lisa who needs the rain. Have a great day at the mimes, all! I'll be joining you soon.

  5. Hi Farf, Maria, Lisa, and Beth. My day for the drive-by hi -- lots of stuff to do to get ready for vacation.

  6. Yoohoo, Celtics?! Come back, and play next time!

    Andi, what a glorious photo! Loveitloveitloveit. Want to fry it in butter and garlic. Possibly not a wise idea. Murderous mushrooms?

    Lisa, a few gigs here and there, but no tour, per se. I am going to Pittsburg, PA next week, but that's a one-off.

    Waves at all on way to the library.

  7. Heh, almost immediately after posting, Mrs. Fetched calls me with a flat tire (the spare is already in use). So she took DD's car and left me to deal with getting two new tires. Well, me, The Boy, and Panda. I bought them breakfast.

    So now I try getting some work done…