Monday, June 7, 2010

Hey! Hurry Up

Taken May 22, 2010.

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  1. And once again, I sully the VGW...

    Woke up with sinus headache and general blergh. Going to skip the mimes today and sleep a little more.

    Perhaps in my dreams I can follow the pack deep into the woods. ::g::

    Happy Monday?

  2. I'd love to join you in mime-skipping, Maria, but at least I'll get to ride the motorbike to work today. First rain-free day in a week!

    It occurs to me I never left a comment yesterday. I showed the pic to Mrs. F and wondered if Jim was going to send it to the local paper or anything (you ought to, Jim!).

    OK, OK, tell Bebo as soon as I get my helmet on I'll be right behind her. Listen out for that bike that sounds like a big lawn mower!

  3. Oh… I suppose I should mention the Stealth Productivity Fairy must have been beating on me all weekend. Despite thinking I didn't have nearly the time to write that I wanted, I managed to transcribe 1700 words from a lunchtime jag a while back, and added 2000 more to it. Here's hoping she'll continue to whack me at the mimes.

  4. If you do lucid dreaming, Maria, I suggest you pick Giddy to follow -- her pace is quite leisurely and she never tears through greenbrier patches.

    Bebo hates lawn mowers (and vacuums) so she hopes you go the other direction, Farf. Great news on the writing productivity.

  5. Posting for Lisa who is having trouble getting her comment to post:

    Slow up there Bebo, I'll get there eventually. My body's rebooting after the shock of the end of school. Kinda going slow motion.

    Did get another chunk sent to readers but also read and dozed.
    Gotta crack the whip on this type in.

    Maria, hope you feel better.
    I'm skipping the mimes too.
    Wait, I'm getting to skip for a couple of months--woohoo.

    Marvelous Monday to All.

  6. I'll bet your book mill grinds your words to a very, very fine grain, Kelly.

  7. Power now back at vasa boran.

    No rain today! Woohoo!

    Congrats on the writing farr! Sleep sounds good, Maria, especially since I was up tip 2.

    Happy Monday!

  8. Boy, busy people this morning! Boo for headaches, Maria, but good that you can stay home and recuperate.

    Hey Kelly, I wondered about the hole in the neck. Nice to see you out and about. Hope you recover soon. And naps aren't a bad thing...

    Enjoy the ride, Farf! Rain-free here today, after a wet weekend (yay) but very windy out there. I worked all morning, so am just now getting out and about.

    Yay for Lisa (and Jim) relaxing!

    No plans today, as far as I know. Family's off to the gym - I'll hope for more work, and get back to writing, now that life is getting back to normal again.

    Finished Nancy's new book last night - the characters are still with me. Now I need to head to the store and buy more (like Kelly and Maria's) - gotta catch up!

    Have a splendid Monday, all! Waving from NH...

  9. Andi, do you do lucid dreaming? I have "nearly" managed it twice, but each time I woke up because I couldn't think of anything to do in my dream!! omg. So funny and humilating. Total imagination fail. You'd think something (ahem) might have occurred to me!

    Lisa is FREE!!!!

    Beth, you tell those pesky characters to leave you alone.

    Kelly & Maria, rest and recover.

    Far, whee! I wish I could ride on the back of your motorcycle with you.

    boran2, "vasa Boran" sounds kind of hip.

  10. You people getting up at 2 should have waved. Of course, I was going to bed then. Unexpected day going out for dinner then to a very good NJ playhouse (The Paper Mill) to see Peter Pan.

    Mary Martin will always be Peter Pan for me but this was delightful. Got home too reved up to sleep.

    Hope everyone is by now having a good day and sinuses are all improved.

  11. Big storms, b2?

    No plans sounds like a fine way to spend the day, Beth ... well except that work and writing sure sounds like plans to me.

    I don't know if it's exactly lucid dreaming, nancy, but there have been several times I've been aware I was dreaming and decided that I didn't like the dream and either changed it or decided to wake up so it would stop.

    Did they have Peter Pan fly on a wire, Dina? I think that would be the best part of having that role.

  12. At last, Blogger is letting me in. It was very frustrating to see that it was working for all of you all day but not for me (and a great many other people judging by Twitter).

    I have nothing to say except "hi" to all.

  13. It wasn't working for Lisa either, Mary. Weird how it only affected some people. But ... hi and good night to you.

  14. It ate Kelly's comments on my blog, then spit them out all at once later. And then it ate ALL the comments on my blog and returned them sporadically...

    Blogger throws a wee fit.