Friday, June 25, 2010

Going for the Close-up (by olivia)

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Not much longer until Andi and Jim return home from vacation, so after the dogs have finished slobbering them with whiskery kisses* I hope they get cracking on their vacation photos. I can't wait to see 'em.

(* okay, maybe after they get settled and partially unpacked, oh and rest their aching feet. ;)


  1. Whoa. At first glance, I thought this was one of those APOD photos from the sidebar.

    Not much longer to wait for my own vacation, brief it may be.

    Now that I have smeared the VGW, I shall wave & depart. It'll be cool to meet Boran, I'm sure!

  2. O, Love the pic and whiskery kisses will be the order of the day when A & J return to the pups.

    How fun meeting B and making Cyberfriends-friends. Expect a cupcake report.

    Today, I B Done. A couple of chapters left to tweak this a.m. and then I'll contact the Indi editor for final clean up before the query blitz begins.

    Maria, love the enthusiasm for the new do. Rejuvenating activities are the best.

    Beth, sounds like you're having fun meeting cyberfriends and visiting other friends. Great way to cross the country.

    Farf, looking forward to vacation is one of the best parts.

    Kelly, lots going on--drink tea to keep up your strength.

    Waves to all to come. Fabulous Friday.

  3. Good luck with the query blitz, Lisa!

  4. ::yawns:: Friday, whee and it's not a working Friday!!

    Got up early and rearranged components on the TV stand to make room for the new TiVo, w00t! Cable guy is coming between 11-2 to install the video card thingie and then I'm in bizness. It's great to write about TV professionally. ::g::

    Speaking of writing, there is much writing research I plan to do today. Got some really cool new books about historical San Antonio and will be doing the skim/read/highlight/mark page exercise. I've got the germ of the plot points, but need some more historial facts to weave in for verisimilitude. (I love that word!)

    Farf - have a blast on your vacation.

    Lisa, yay for being done.

    Olivia, VERY nifty macro pic.

    ::waves to all::

    May your Friday be fabulous!

  5. Being back on the west coast, I might never have to brave the VGW again!!

    YAY Lisa!! Pat yourself on the back. Take the weekend off, then start the next one. Or researching agents...the dance is just beginning.

    In Walla Walla. Hoping to do some wine tasting this afternoon, but swamped with work. Feast or famine. Nice to be back on the west coast again - almost feels like home. Will pull into Coeur d'Alene early evening.

    Thanks for the pretty colors, O!

    Hug B2 for us, andi and Jim.

    TGIF, y'all! Be safe.

  6. Is it you, Olivia? I was shocked to see that parvumopus isn't still alive. So this is your primary pb?

    Greetings from Germany

  7. Hi there cougar -- yep it's me ... :) I'm sort of blog-less at the moment.

    I made some major coding errors -broken photo links- w/ my old blog that led to me closing it down. Andi invited me to post here at their blog. I've been filling in a couple days while they're on the road travelling.

    How have you been?

  8. Hi O. That picture is sorta scary. Even when I enlarged it. The word flesh eating plant came to mind. :)

  9. lol maryb. It is kind of ominous looking.