Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Falls and Flowers

Arethusa Falls, June 20, 2010.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Wow, nice find! And I get to scribble on the VGW…

    Need to go make coffee.

  2. Waterfall and flower--Andi it doesn't get any better for me in Summer HEAT.

    Nancy, I heard about Winter's Bone and got the YA book that it's from. The author Woodrell does a fantastic job with his Ozarks setting. I'll look forward to seeing the movie.

    Farf, so I have ideas that are similar to Stephen King!!!! Goes to show how the good ideas can come in a flash.

    Have reader commments and am finishing tweaking and will be ready to send story to Indi Editor by Friday. Feels very good to be coming to a turning point in this process and can see the end. Or likely just the beginning of shopping the story.

    Get to have lunch with a friend. So off to get busy with revision.

    Terrific Tuesday to All.

  3. Oh, gorgeous!!

    Morning, gang. Facing icky summer weather here - 96 and t'storms. Bah humbug.

    I've managed to pull a muscle in my back or something - hurts to take a deep breath. Don't know how, darn it. I am extremely cranky this a.m.

    Perhaps I shall treat myself to a latte or something.

  4. Oh pretty, andi! Hope the weather is exactly what you hoped for. Thanks for sharing the beautiful sights!

    Definitely a latte, Maria - maybe a mocha for back pain. Hope it's just a minor tweak, and you feel better soon!

    Yay Lisa for moving along on your story! Each step is a new adventure...sorry about the heat. Hopefully August weather will go away soon, and let us enjoy June.

    Waving to everyone I missed yesterday - was driving across Nebraska. In Fort Collins today for a while, then on to WY tonight. Boise tomorrow to finally meet Conda in person, along with her writer friend Kathy. Finally in Coeur d'Alene Friday, after a stop in Walla Walla for wine tasting.

    Don't know what the weather's doing here - it was gorgeous last night. Back to the land of no humidity, phew.

    Better get busy - I hear my friend bumping around in the kitchen. Have a safe day, all! I'll check in from Rawlins.

  5. No mocha/latte/coffee for me this a.m. Instead, I got a diet Coke w/lime.

    Turns out, the muscle pain and other things that occurred over the weekend may be a side-effect from new meds. Talked to my doc and she's taking me off the meds for now. Expects the symptoms to clear up in a couple of days or so. If they don't, I may have contracted a flu type virus.

    Gee thanks, body. :(

  6. That photo looks like a painting, Andi; lovely!
    Gorgeous weather here for a change and we're all revelling in it. I've done my copy edits and been discussing the cover. 'Any ideas?' they asked me. 'Yes, I hanker for lots of blood,' I said. So blood it will be. Along with musical instruments, as the title is: 'Murder Fortissimo'.

    Hope everyone is having a great day.

  7. Hi Farf, Lisa, Maria, Beth (glad your drive is going well), and Nicky. Very tired but satisfied -- great hike, great weather, lots of pictures.