Friday, June 18, 2010

Colourful Underwater World (by olivia)

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These photos were taken at the New England Aquarium in Boston. The day I visited the Aquarium, the flag was flying at half-mast so I asked the young ticket-taker at the door why. He looked surprised for a moment that I had asked, and then said that the founder of the Aquarium had died.

"Oh, that's sad," I said.

His response: "Well, he was old."

I gaped at him and then he followed up with, "But he lived a good life." And with that exchange in my head, I went on to explore and enjoy the legacy of Mr David Barnes Stone.

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  1. Those colors are just amazing, O. I love that yellow striped fish.

    Off to New Hampshire. See you all later.

  2. Hi Andi. Here's to the last leg of the journey, and interesting sites along the way to pass the time. :)

    Good morning everyone. Happy Friday.

  3. Those colors just reach out of the screen & smack you upside the head!

    Glad to hear you got to where you were going, Andi.

    Need to finish my coffee, jump on the scoot, and head for the mimes. Waving at everyone else, of course.

  4. O MY what wonderful pics!!!

    Love the ocean and you triggered a longing. How nice we have aquariums to satisfy some of that when we live so far from the coast.

    Andi and Jim safe travels and here's to a shorter leg and "GETTING THERE".

    Beth you made the better choice to have an alternate plan for last night. The Celtics couldn't hang on.
    Come on college Football.

    99 predicted here so we're getting close to the triple digits. Ugh Summer Heat.

    Maria, hope the work day goes fast and you can get back to the writing weekend.

    Waves to Nancy, Dina, MaryB, Farf, Kelly, B, Jen, Nicky and Lori who's been very quiet of late, and all others to come.

    Fabulous Friday All.

  5. Wish I'd made it there, O - it's on the list for my next Boston trip. Thanks for the gorgeous colors today!

    Drive safely, andi and Jim - supposed to be mid 80's and clear blue skies in NH today, so you're bringing the good weather with you!

    I think we're spending the day on the boat - the first boat day, and my last full one in NH. Concert was interesting last night - good music, but way too many drunk smoking talking kids. Guess I'm getting too old for these big venue shows - better stick to smaller ones. Still a good time, rain and all.

    Stay cool, Lisa. I'm longing for the beach too - will send water vibes from the lake today. Fly back to IL tomorrow, grab my car, and head west - right into tornado season, it looks like. Nothing boring about my life!

    Celtics - sigh.

    Waving to all - Happy Friday!! Weekend ho!

  6. Loving my iPhone. Got the Huffington Post App for news--one of several. It has a Books section. And today there was a blow my mind article on Book Apps for the iPad from the Wall Street Journal.
    In particular they talked about Alice for the iPad.
    Farf, I know Mason's too young for Alice but the kiddo market is the one they talked most about.

    iPad Book Apps

    Maria, I wonder if there will be a place for writers like you to have multimedia fantasy apps.

    Nancy, I see a Scent app with the book and pictures of those wonderful rock features that were woven in. Maybe some geologic and geographic info. Tourist info for Kansas.

    So my mind just a whirl with possibilities. A new way to market books/short stories/writing. Hmmm.

  7. Hello everyone.

    Love the pictures. Boston aquarium is a favorite, second only to New Orleans.

    Thanks for the reminder of how much I love it.

  8. Drive by hi!

    That looks like a cool place to visit. Wonderful shots!

    Beautiful weather here, looking forward to the weekend but not my drive to Long Island tomorrow. Sigh.

    Good day to all!

  9. Fissies! Sparkly!

    Writing behind schedule, guest room full of mother-in-law through Monday when old friend comes in, grant work workshop totally unplanned with 2 weeks to go, tree and plants to put into new garden bed which needs expansion, throwing book launch party tomorrow, also signing event, ren-faire with bunch o' friends on Sunday, two novel chunks to critique, one for charity auction, one for long time mentee, and like that.


    How are you?

  10. On the upside the extra extremely contentious County Board meeting that was supposed to happen on the 30th has been canceled, which greatly increases my chances of not blowing a gasket this month.

  11. Pretty Olivia pictures soothe cranky Nancy beast.

    Dear Celtics, thank you for a great run.

  12. Just out of curiosity, for those who watched Game 7, did the Celts blow their lead or did the Lakers rally?

  13. Far, both, I think.
    The Lakers got stronger, the Celts faded. Or maybe, as the Celts got tired, that let the Lakers surge. Green did look old and flatfooted, I'm afraid. After a great first half, their get up and go was all gone. Didn't help, either, that they'd lost their center to that knee injury.

  14. Greetings from New Hampshire. Day was long but very pleasant. First vacation photos tomorrow.

    Thanks O.


  15. Welcome, andi! Can you see me waving?

    Kelly, argh. Sending you vibes of organization, strength, endurance, and naps! I learned to take them a while back, and they sure do help - especially when you're driving 14 hours....or overwhelmed with too much to do!

  16. AndiF,
    The fish you mention is a Copperband Butterfly fish