Thursday, June 24, 2010

Busy Beavers

Beaver dam creating a mountain marsh.

Click image to see larger version


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  2. Morning, VGW!!
    Morning, world!

    Andi, those little fellas are pretty industrious. Heck of a structure there.

    I have newly primped hair, thanks to my amazing hairdresser and a new 'tude to go with it. I love going to see Yogita, because she is very much a fan of my books, of True Blood and Glee and many of my favorite shows, so I always come away from the appointment excited and wanting to write more. Not too bad of a therapy session, eh? Rant a little, rave a little, talk about stuff you like and come home with freshly retinted hair and a cleaned-up 'do. ::g::

    Weather here is miserable with a side of disgusting. 80F upon wakening, 71% humidity with a high of 98 expected. Ughtastic. I am sooo glad I have a/c.

    Hope you all have a wonderful day ahead of you!!

  3. Pesky beavers, nice scenery.

    Glad you are enjoying the trip.
    Cupcakeland--Ymm. Great that you will go see your neice.

    Making progress on story and will be finished with edits tomorrow.

    Interesting new show Memphis Heat on TNT. Hubby and I feel like the Memphis Chamber of Commerce may not be thrilled. Gritty, humid, harsh setting. Interesting characters.

    Great day to All.

  4. Lisa! We nearly simulposted. :)

    Yay for story progress!!

  5. We need pix, Maria!

    Gorgeous shot, andi. You guys always seem to find serene places to live/visit.

    In Boise today, heading for Walla Walla. Dinner with Conda and Kathy last night was too much fun. Talking writing and life. One pic at my place, and more to come. Breakfast this morning with a high school girlfriend I haven't talked to since 1976. Then on the road again.

    Ditto re story progress!

    Hope everyone has a great day - enjoy wherever you are!

  6. Waves to all. Maria, I second the picture request!

    Love the picture. Have you all seen the beaver dam in Canada that is bigger than the Hoover Dam? It can be seen from space!

    Industrious little beasties.

  7. Very pretty. I love beaver ponds. Still flipped out over everything that needs done between now and July 7th or so. See you all on the other side.

  8. Hi everybody. We had a great last day in New Hampshire. Off to New York City to see my niece. Saturday, I'll also get to meet boran2 (yay!). Home Sunday. Love vacations but I'm ready to be home. Thanks for the link, Dina. That's amazing.