Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Busby Berkeley Comes to Brown County

Taken May 19, 2010.

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  1. Love Busby Burkeley scenes in those musicals. Makes me look for Ester Williams to show up at the pond soon.

    I don't keep up with friends from long ago. Go to my high school reunion and see people I've known since grade school, but keep up with no. The friends I do have I've known for a very long time. When you work in a school district for now 26 years that makes for old friends and students that are old friends too.

    It has been a treat to meet new friends on the blog and through email in online classes or at workshops. I think friendship has become less who lives next door.

    School was busy but not so bad yesterday. Except for stupid teachers still sending me exams that I asked for weeks ago. Like I can magically get these kiddos tested when we have the academic tests to do too. Golly Wally.

    Daughter got off to Austin with clown car stuffed with toiletries and stuff for the dorm room. Hubby got home. Dogs can relax--spoiling adult now back.

    Wonderful Weds. To All

  2. Happy almost all done for the summer, Lisa. Today is Jim's last day with kids, tomorrow is the last teacher day.

    I always loved those overhead shots of the dancers in those movies -- in fact, that's just about all I remember from them.

  3. Andi, I needed the comments to understand what was meant by "Busby Berkeley." Yeah, yeah, I'm a Philistine. I've seen scenes, but not an entire movie in which those choreographs were featured. Mel Brooks parodied it quite well in "History of the World Part I."

    Didn't have many friends in school, and pretty much left them behind by the first year of college. Then I moved very far away. I talk with one or two college buddies these days; we scattered to the winds after graduation.

    Happy looming long break to the teachers! Today would be mimes at home, but there's a town hall and I don't need to miss it.

  4. Andi, that's a truly inspired caption, lol. Love it. ::Makes jazz hands::

    I got up early to plant fleurs, but the thunder thundered and the rain rained, so here I sit.

  5. Hahaha!! Great comment, Andi.

    I've done a LOT of re-connecting with HS buddies via Facebook, which is awesome. It's just enough distance. ::g::

    Congrats to the nearly-free teacher folk.

    Hoping the mimes will be quiet today, though I kind of doubt it.

    Cheers, all!

  6. Ditto on the comments to know who BB is/was. I learn so much from hanging out with y'all!

    Yay for quiet mimes, school almost out, town halls and Mel Brooks. Here it's a rainy day, so you know I'm in heaven. A little work to do this am, then we'll figure out a plan for the afternoon. Maybe a walk in said rain!

    Waving to all here, and all who follow (I've already taken my shower, so no following me there).

  7. pokes head out of lurking box


    is startled by advent of actual people, blinks repeatedly


    waves madly, redescends into box

  8. Farf, I spent many a wasted afternoon watching old movies when I was a kid -- musicals, screwball comedies (correction: no time is wasted when you're watching a Preston Sturges movie), war, westerns, noir, adventure. Hmm, what kind of picture could I take to do a post on Errol Flynn in Captain Blood.

    It stormed here this morning, Nancy but it's nice now so I hope you're having the same kind of day and get those flower planted.

    I love walking in the rain, Beth, when it's coming down gently and the whole world seems quiet except for the sound of the rain on leaves. Hope you got a nice walk in.

    Someday, Kelly, you're going to stop talking in stage directions and actually chat with us. :)

  9. Ooh, but that would be so…social.

    Beyond that, I haven't really had much to say of late. Tired and busy and overextended makes for less than interesting conversation from my end. I basically need to sit in a corner and write like a maniac, but I'm feeling just social enough that I hate to do nothing but lurk.

  10. Well I'll take your visits in whatever form I can get them but I'll look forward to some point in the future when get yourself out from under and have as much time as a slowly steeping tea. BTW, I had some red rooibos tea this weekend and really enjoyed it.

  11. wait! Is that Ruby Keeler in the middle? Come and meet those dancing feet ...

    Your woods are so exciting.

  12. Good night and good morning, Dina.

    Mary, I'd love to see Ruby Keeler in my woods, singing and dancing 42nd Street right down a hollow. :)