Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Banks of the Wabash

Viewed by me (and the rest of the Old Broads) in Terre Haute this last weekend and performed to perfection by the Mills Brothers.

Click images to see larger versions


  1. ... continued from last night.

    Do you friends go all the way back to grade school, Mary? Although mine is a college group, two of the friends in it go back to high school but I've lost track of all my grade school friends.

    Great reason to travel, Beth. The fact that you really like it is a the perfect icing for a wonderful cake.

  2. In & out… email soaked up my rise time, now I gotta head to work. Later, I hope.

  3. I love that photo on the right. It's like a painting.

    Back at work after 4 days off. The poison ivy has hopefully peaked. I've had my fill of gardening for the year. Sigh.

    Good day to all!

  4. Gorgeous shots, andi. When I hear Wabash, all I can think of is the Wabash Cannonball - and start singing it.

    I'm still in touch with my best friend from 7th grade, and lots of high school friends. Not so much college friends. Glad you had fun!

    Did you get poisoned, b2? I had it once. Don't want it again. Ugh! Hope you didn't....

    Warm in Chicagoland. No big plans - cocktails this afternoon, and taking the dog to the vet. Still waiting for work.

    Hope this short week goes quickly for all...

  5. Have a good one (or at least as good as a working day gets), Farf.

    Poison ivy never peaks in our woods, b2. It's always on the uphill swing.

    The Wabash is pleased that you think of it at all, Beth. :)

  6. Hi, everyone. Back from Mayhem. Had some wonderful time with Nancy. I am now playing catchup.

  7. Uhm, hi? I *meant* to post a note this a.m., but well, got to work and our new receptionist had arrived, so was busy all day. Oops.

    Hi, all!! Hope your respective holiday weekends went great. I did a whole lot of nothing and now will be hitting the hot keyboard as I begin heavy-duty work on book 5 and the noir short story.


  8. Hi all. Hard to go back to work after a long weekend.

    Andi, my friends I'm getting together with are all from High School but I have one very close friend who is from grade school and two other friends from grade school I see occasionally.

    The weird thing is that I get together with no friends from college and have lost touch with most of them. And I seldom see anyone from Law School unless I work with them. But I have very close friends left over from my first 2 jobs prior to law school and from this job over the last 20 years. I think the fact that I transferred schools in college may account for that and the fact that I was older than most of my classmates in law school. But it is a bit weird.

    Love the pics of the Wabash. I'm picturing my coureur des bois ancestors paddling down it toward Vincennes. :)

  9. Nothing followed by something ... sounds like a good game plan, Maria.

    I think it's cool, Mary, to still have grade school friends. The place where I took the photos is the site of a fort, a War of 1812 battle, and the filled in remains of the Erie canal so it lends itself to imaginings ... except that it's also right on a golf course.

  10. Just popping in for a moment. Per usual, life is crazy here, and have just added upcoming jury duty to the load...whee?

    My regularly seen friends range from met at age 7 on up, but that's in part because my school was a K-12 hippie open school and some of the folks I hung out with there ended up blurring into my theater and science fiction friends groups over the years since then.