Saturday, June 26, 2010

Australian spotted jelly (by olivia)

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  1. Greetings from NYC. It's quite the culture shock after a week in the mountains of New Hampshire but we've having a lovely visit with my niece and have already sampled some of the great goodies at hre place -- yummy stuff banana oatmeal streusel cake and wonderful Jamaican curry cake with coconut curry dipping sauce.

    Hope everyone has a great day. I know we will.

  2. MMmmm, those goodies sound yummy. Can't wait to see you all in a few hours.

  3. Yeah, from what I've heard NYC is best tasted!

  4. O, you've taken us on a different vacation from the Indiana woods.
    Love the ocean and its creatures.
    Fascinating details.

    Andi, how great to visit niece and sounds oh so yummy.
    Have fun with more visiting.

    Deed is done and I've emailed indi editor for her follow up on what we'd discussed last year about my story. Figure if I'm going to pay for her help, I do need to let her
    see what I did and get her reaction and feedback before blindly shipping it out into the world.
    So now to start on another project. I have a cool overarching story, but need a specific storyline. Oh and characters and setting and I guess just about everything.

    Hubby took scouts to OK for canoe trip. Sonboy is meeting him there. Sonboy is going with the group to Canada in July. Alas, hubby is driver and lunch and dinner provider rather than trip participant. Artificial knee issues and limitations. Getting older sucks.

    Will see if I can find some trouble to get into.

    Sensational Saturday to All.

  5. @olivia: I'm doing well at the moment. I got father for the second time. So everything else is quite unimportant. But I also got some time for my passion of taking pictures.
    So we could stay in contact with this blog?

  6. Have a cupcake for me, Fs! Enjoy the City. I'd rather be in the mountains - don't do well with crowds any more. But have fun!

    Good idea, Lisa - hope she likes the work you've done.

    Enjoying my first full day back in Coeur d'Alene. Lunch with a friend so far, and just missed watching soccer with others. Trying to get some work done - sketchy internet connection at the library, so off to Borders to see if it's any better. 73 and sunny, light breeze, no humidity - aaah. Summer in Idaho!

    Have a great day, all - I'm still trying to get stories and pix at my place, but not having much luck. Maybe tonight...

  7. I hope Jim enjoyed his cupcake and Andi enjoyed something savory. And that all attending had a great time.

    Much less scary pic today Olivia. Although it looks other-worldly.