Monday, May 17, 2010

Zen Sniff Ponders the Center of the Universe

Taken April 29, 2010.

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  1. Hanging out with Sniff is a wonderful way to start the week.

    Nancy, I did this last round of editing with pretty colored pens on a hard copy of my WIP. This is a Holly Lisle suggestion from her revision class. Since I'd been on the editing gerbil wheel for long enough, I did mostly what she suggested. I actually found it quite satisfying to mark by hand and then put in a pile of completed pages. There was a finality to it.
    The Type-In doesn't take so long really. You only focus on the changes.

    So another Monday, but no more counseling tonight, done for the year--dinner with a friend instead.

    Marvelous Monday to All.

  2. Sounds like a good system, Lisa. Enjoy adding the changes - I always like the feel of tightening my work.

    Love this picture, andi - very serene and Zen-like.

    Discovered rivers running through the storage shed last night as we dropped off the last load of boxes. It rained harder than usual yesterday, but still a major problem. Hopefully the manager of the facility has a solution this morning - but the thought of moving all those boxes to another location is daunting. Better to find out now than to find moldy furniture when I come back in the fall but still, this wasn't in the schedule.

    Enjoy your dinner, Lisa, and your Monday, everyone!

  3. I cam just imagine how satisfying it is to see the one pile shrink and the over one grow, Lisa. Hope you have a nice, rewarding dinner with you friend.

    Beth, at moments like that I really wish dogs could talk so I could say "So whatcha thinking about?". Good luck with the storage place.

  4. When Zen Sniff meditates, does she chant, "fooooooooood"?

    Hope your week goes quick, Lisa, with minimal kiddo drama.

    Beth, funny how the people running the storage place neglected to tell you about that. I'm sure it was the first time they'd ever seen it happen.

    Suggestion: whether or not they "fix" it, get some scrap 2x6s and make a raised floor of sorts, that might keep your stuff out of the water. Lay plastic over it as a vapor barrier before putting your stuff back in. Or just back out of the lease, citing "fitness of purpose," and find another place on slightly higher ground.

  5. Morning, gang!!

    First off, a ginormous w00t! to Lisa for finishing the changes. That's a HUGE step in the right direction.

    Beth, eek! I like Farf's ideas to fix this.

    Andi - if Sniff is the center of the known universe, the others are planets?

    Farf, loved the spring pix and the Mason nomming the table edge. He's a cute little bugger!

    Off to the mimes today in rainy cold weather. GLEE essay finished and turned in (yesterday evening). No major deadlines looming (yet!). I hope to spend this week finishing organizing shelves/books/etc. as I expect company on Friday!

    Y'all be good now...or at least, don't do anything I wouldn't!

    Happy Monday!

  6. What a perfect picture, Andi.

    I'm a great believer in colored pens.

    Leaky storage sheds, not so much.

    "nomming the table edge" hahaha!

    Go, Celtics!

  7. Farf, actually Sniff's mantra is "My couch. My couch. My couch".

    Maria, Sniff says: Am I the center or the universe or am I centered in the universe or are we all the center of the universe? (He takes his Zen Sniff duties very seriously.)

    I often ponder -- when Sniff isn't hogging household ponder wand -- what we did, Nancy, before markers. A world without the sublimity of the Sharpie is difficult to contemplate.

  8. I believe that there are infinite overlapping universes and that we are, each of us, at the center of our very own.

    I also believe that that is another gorgeous photo, Andi. Here's an accidentally lovely image (taken with my camera phone, no less) of Ms. Lucy enjoying a sunbeam.

  9. Oh, my gosh, Jen, what a gorgeous photo and cat. I can almost feel her fur.

    Andi, a world without markers? I remember those sad, sad days of yore. I even remember chalk.

  10. Oh, wow, great pic, Jen! I could totally aspire to be Ms. Lucy today. :)

    re: markers, chalk, etc - yeah, we probably all remember the days of mimeograph machines, too!

  11. Wow, Jen, I cannot believe you took such a fantastic picture with a phone camera. Talk about mad skillz. Also, I hope we can more substantially overlap our two universes soon.

    Heh, Maria, I'm not sure how old you are but I remember (well on days when my geezer memory is working) and I'm sure Nancy does too, the days of mutliple sheets carbon paper and trying to hit those damn keys hard enough to go through all of them.

  12. Nancy remembers. And shudders. Ironically, those were also the days when you had to turn in PERFECT manus. No typos. The good old days sucked.

  13. I remember the carbons!! ::shudders::

    Back in the day I worked summers for my mom in her real estate office. Typing CONTRACTS that had to be PERFECT. SO glad that's now over with.

  14. giant fountain of paper as ballast tanks are blown and the submarine McCullough hits the surface

    Lisa, Congratulations! Both on finishing and edits. Those are huge achievements. You are going out to celebrate, right?

    Jen!!!!!!!!!!!! (Needed to get in on the exclamation points, I don't get to use them in bulk very often). What a great kitty pic, made me make mushy noises.

    Andi, have been loving the green even if I haven't been commenting. Been a little bit hectic between (seekrit project*) and having a book launching a week from tomorrow (eep).

    Maria, great book cover!

    Beth, seconding FarF on raising or bailing out. A good quick cheap fix is to pick up some old pallets and use those to get stuff off the ground, though changing facilities might be a better fix.

    Hallooo to all and sundry. FarF, I think you're probably sundry. I know that's my job in that set.

    Sometimes I'm very glad to have missed the good old days. We got our first Apple II computer along about the time where I started needing to write things in multiple copies.

    *Seekrit project is one significant step less seekrit now as contracts are on the way, though I can't go into some of the details until the ink's dry. I've accepted an offer on a new fantasy series. Three books so far, though it's an open ended series. Compressed delivery and publication schedule with six months between titles. The first should be out Dec 2011, with the following books June and Dec 2012. Will give tentative titles, sub-genre, publisher, and the like once the official announcement goes out.

    reluctantly sinks back into the papery depths

  15. Lucy basks in your collective adoration. :)

    I will never forget the carbon! I was just entering the office workplace when it was on its way out so I saw the last of its day and the conversion to computing.

    And I'm just posting-and-running because while today was supposed to be a down day, surprise, I've got to drive E to a last minute eye dr's appt. Hope everyone has a great day!

  16. Kelly!! w00t!!

    Glad to hear about the new contracts-in-progress. Congrats!

  17. Kelly, that's great news! Your deadlines leave me feeling faint, but I know you will charge forth and meet them handily.

  18. Sorry for bringing on the carbon shudders. :(

    Glad you could surface, Kelly, and spray us all with your good news on both the new series and your upcoming book release.

  19. Shudders at memory of carbon paper.

    Zenning out.

  20. Yay Kelly! Thanks for sharing! More books for my "friends" shelf!

    I remember different colored white-out for goldenrod copies, green copies, yellow copies - shudder. And carbons, mimeograph machines...thankfully all are a distant memory.

    Hi Jen! Nice to see you out and about!

    Moved to dry storage shed. Everything stashed except the big stuff, which the movers will haul tomorrow. Not looking at the grand total. Drinking gin and tonics in the pool instead. Having sis here has been a blessing!!

    Off to find dinner...and then drop off a snow shovel at Goodwill by the dark of night....

  21. A Short Defense of the Mimeograph

    The hand cranked mimeograph could put out dozens of intoxicating, blurry, purple copies in a fraction of the time that xerographic process takes to produce crisp, legible, b&w reproductions. Did I mention intoxicating?

  22. Gorgeous shot, Jen! That's eighth level cellphone-fu there.

    Andi, carbon paper wasn't a problem, I was used to banging those manual typewriter keys! HARD! I remember the first thing I loved at first sight on the original Macs was the keyboards, because they had stiff springs.

    Maria, jim, I seem to remember snorting the mimeos. It was the 60s, after all.

    Hey Kelly, waiting impatiently for the next Raven book here… week from tomorrow? pant pant A friend borrowed my previous books & let them get water-damaged, so he's promised to replace them.

    Anyone else ever type court transcripts? My mom made some spare change that way back in the early 60s. The court reporter would capture the entire proceedings in shorthand then read it into a micro-sette. Mom had a player with a foot switch, which would pause, rewind, or play depending on how you hit it. That was another no-typo job. In my teens, she left a standing offer to pay us for what we typed up, and I made a few bucks that way too. Ah, memories.

    Did I mention I did another Shiny Things! over the weekend? If you click on the Audioboo logo on the player, it takes you to the page where there's a webcam pic of Mason & me. Oh, and the White Pickups ep coming 2 wks from now is a little steamy. Funny how that's not the point of that ep, either.

    OK, see y'all tomorrow?

  23. Oh noes. more carbon shudders. Sorry Dina.

    Glad everything is high and dry, Beth.

    See ya tomorrow, Farf.

    See my bed now.