Saturday, May 15, 2010

"Yep, it's green" Week: Topped Off

Taken May 14, 2010.

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  1. It'd be nice if my body understood that "weekend" means "sleep later than 6:00."

    I'll miss all of the green, but I'm sure you have something equally as gorgeous waiting for us next week, andi.

    Even the VGW isn't scary, in my rediscovered adventurous state!

    Deb arrived safely yesterday and we're almost finished packing already. It's so much easier with help - and a lot more fun! Today we'll haul boxes, etc. to the storage shed, and hopefully have time for some suntanning and a cocktail at sunset. A great way to end my time here, sharing the good stuff with my sis.

    Hope everyone has something fun planned for the weekend - or something slackerly, if you're following Fam's lead. Enjoy!

    Waving at all who follow...

  2. And let's get that message about to weekend on to the dogs as well.

    Congrats on the packing being almost done!

    Don't worry -- the green isn't going anywhere, except into the background for some shots but I have your purple Wednesday closing celebration already set and raring to go.

  3. ::bouncing up and down with anticipation::

  4. Andi, love the contrast in textures and colors with the tree trunk and the leaves. You B Artist.
    I've had more fun changing my puter's background this spring with Andi Art.

    My finishing goal looms and the week fell short in the middle as weeks often do. You've heard of the perfect storm--Well that was what yesterday at school was like. Friday, not far from the end of school, severe storms moving into the area and a New Moon--Conditions were just right for totally unplugged behavior by kiddos. One kid kept yelling at security that he'd beat him up and would be outside waiting after school. Police were called. Defiance and yelling at teacher abounds. Ahhh--WEEEEKEND.

    So hoping fingers will fly like the wind.

    Beth, enjoy time with FANTASTIC SIS.

    Jim, Big hugs--enjoy the days off. We're getting rain off and on all weekend, but books to read and couch to doze--I'll be just fine.

    Sensational Saturday to all.

  5. Oh-oh, Beth, now I'm having performance anxiety. ;)

    I'm glad I could put a green tint on your week, Lisa. And go wear those fingers down to a nub with all that good weekend writing (metaphorically only, please).

  6. Morning, gang!

    Maryb - thanks (I think) for the storm. Definitely hit here last night, but lucky for me, I still have power.

    Feeling another lazy day coming on. I've got the essay to finish, but that won't take me too horribly long.

    Lisa - hugs to you on the school sitch & sending you great writing vibes.

    Beth - yay for packing nearly done! w00t!

    Andi - love the soaring tree--a great metaphor for all of us to soar to new heights.

    ::waves to later arrivals::

    Oh, in case you hadn't see this: My new book cover

    Farf - interesting you should say that she looks younger (via twitter) - I'm pretty sure it's the same model. If you look at the other covers, you'll see the images there don't show anything of her head. I think the earlier poses let us imagine her however we wanted. B/c yeah, I thought she was older, too. :)

    Happy weekend, all!

  7. Andi, thank you so much for Green Week, it has been SO GORGEOUS.

  8. Hi Jen!!!!!!!!

    Morning all! I like the metaphor, reach for something beyond this weekend. I could think of a few things I'd like to reach for… oh well.

    Wow Beth, you guys move quick! I guess you've had a little practice though. g/d/r

    Lisa, is that "unplugged" or "disconnected" behavior? Sounds awfully sucky either way. The Boy tried to give us some grief about not coming home right away last night after getting Snippet from work, but when he actually talked to us they were going to have a snack at Kobold's place: close by, no alcohol, not really a problem.

    Maria, are you saying you're not the model? Aw darn. Seriously though, on this cover she doesn’t look quite as well-endowed as the Matters cover and something about her chin…. The long ponytail might create an illusion of youth, but — you know what? I'm really putting too much mental effort into this. :-)

    I posted a picture-rama last night… flowers, an in-law weed, and Mason. Come have a looky? Meanwhile, I've got beer to bottle, a White Pickups ep to scan one last time, and a Shiny Things! podcast to do. All fun stuff, anyway…

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  10. (That was me, after spelling Maria's name wrong.^^^)

    Maria, I love the cover--esp. the quote from Charlaine. :)

    Far, that is an ADORABLE BABY in case you didn't know.

    I see a purple haze in the distance oh goody!

    Waves to all!

  11. Maria, the cover looks great. And that wonderful cover blurb ought to help. Now if she could just get a nice product placement on True Blood.

    Jen!!!!!!!!!! (I had to make sure I got in more exclamations than Farf). I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I hope your writing is still going well.

    Great pics, Farf. I hope Mason is getting enough fiber is his diet. :)

    I was going to permanently delete your comment Nancy but I didn't want to make your arrows feel pointless. (Horrible pun burst forth in reaction to having my performance anxiety ratcheted up).

  12. Andi, ha! Your point is well taken. We could keep this reference thing going forever.

  13. Jen!! I was just thinking about you this morning, wondering how/where you are. Nice to hear from you!

    Yep, a little practice, Farf, ha! I should hire myself out - I could make a lot of money doing the stuff that people hate!

  14. Waves to all. Still too tired to be coherent but following (sort of) what is going on. And thinking of you all.

  15. See Lisa.
    See Lisa Dancing.
    See hand written editing COMPLETED on ENTIRE NOVEL.
    Huge Sigh.
    Now can move to Type In Phase.
    Then Send to punctuation detail police.
    Then ready to query.

  16. LISA!! OMG, YOU DID IT!!

    Dancing in the streets!

  17. MAZEL TOV, Lisa!!!! That's just wonderful news. Due to the limitations of blogger comment features, you'll just have to imagine the fireworks going off and the dogs jumping for joy.

    Sorry you're still so tired, Dina. Hope you have a nice, restful weekend.

  18. Sort of dancing but totally celebrating with Lisa!

  19. WOOOOO HOOOOOOO!! Yay Lisa! All of your hard work is paying off!!! Doing a happy dance here, appreciating what this means. Yay you!!!!

  20. Good afternoon all!

    Andi that’s a wonderful green ending for the week.

    Beth congrats on the packing. Now to go and have some fun.

    Lisa with the one kid yelling and threatening people, I have to say you have far more patience than I do.

    Maria I think the new cover looks great and I agree with Andi that the blurb should help. Plus it was a very good blurb. :)

    FAR I was just over at your place and saw the picture of Mason. Too cute for words. I'm looking forward to your next podcast. Like I told you before you have a radio voice so while listening I'm always thinking why aren't you already on radio?

    Jen just like Beth I was thinking about you and wondering how you've been doing. I hope well.

    Waving back to Nancy and Dina. Dina I know the loss of energy thing. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

    Lisa congrats and WOO HOO too. :)

    Hope everyone's w/e is going great and take care.


  21. Big happy dance for Lisa!!!!!

    FM, thanks for saying something, I'm about to start recording the next podcast, now that I have my beer bottled up. (59 bottles of beer aging now, 59 bottles of beer…)

  22. Whew, that was a really tense Doctor Who.

    Howdy FM.

    Night Farf ... and everybody else, except Lori of course.