Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Yep, it's green" Week: So It Flows

Taken May 4, 2010.

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  1. Love the colors, Andi. The green gold shimmer.

    Maria, you're becoming a real short story maven these days. Not a Glee watcher but looks really funny. I need a Glee marathon so I could watch the early shows and catch up on story line.

    Beth, sending you plenty of energy to pack, pack, pack. Great of sis to help.

    FM, I not much on snakes either, so hope George stays safe. Glasses for every room will be nice.

    Farf, so glad Mason is catching on to that sleeping through the night thing. I have a fellow teacher that will be a single mom within the next few weeks. Boy will that be a shocking revelation. Not sure what these young folks are thinking when it comes to unprotected sex. Cause it's sure a whopper of a responsibility--even with plenty of help.

    Kelly, be careful in the paper swamp.

    Terrific Tuesday to All.

  2. Morning to all of you in the Western Hemisphere.

    We've been warned of freezing temps tonight. I've covered our poor popcorn stalks with a sheet. The mini cobs are finally filling in with little blue kernels. It would be sad to lose them now.

    I spent part of the day cutting up wood and screwing it back together in different formations. If I can get a tile cutter tomorrow, I will put the floor tiles down in the bathroom. Which means I can put the wall back together and install the new vanity. We could start brushing out teeth in the bathroom again. How novel.

    To all f those writing their little hearts out - you're exhausting me just reading about it. ;)

    FARf - yay on the full-night's sleep. Now, if only Lily would stop needing to go out at 4am . . . .

    Beth, remember to purge before packing. I got all the way to Australia with things I didn't really need.

    Andi, could you pick another color for once. ;)

  3. Lisa, isn't about time we start the countdown to the end of school? It's getting pretty close.

    Bathroom remodeling is a tie with kitchen remodeling for most inconvenient. Hope you're able to get it a working state today, keres. As for the green -- sorry I'm still deep in the throes of spring love so I can't resist the green. Though there will be some purple and yellow coming up.

  4. The big bathroom switch-over will be from the flush toilet to the composting toilet. Which, for obvious reasons, has to happen in the same day. Not that we don't have plenty of bushes with 15 acres.

    As for the kitchen, we're still looking for a good LPG stove/oven combination. I'm tired of cooking with electricity, even if it is mostly Hydro-electric.

  5. That green is stunning, andi. I'd be in the throes of spring love too, with sights like that. Although being a purple fan, I'm looking forward to those.

    Hi Lori! I wondered where you were. Thanks for the advice - I was awake at 3am, wondering if I could squeeze in a garage sale this weekend to get rid of some stuff I'd rather not store.

    Has anyone heard from Janet - it's been a long time since she's popped up here.

    When I worked with pregnant teens, I wished all teen girls could be responsible for a baby for a few days/nights BEFORE they got pregnant. Unfortunately, by the time I saw them, it was too late.

    Thanks for the good wishes. Off to pack and purge! Happy Tuesday, all.

  6. testing ... neither lori's most recent or beth's comment has shown up.

  7. And there they are. Freaky.

    Lori, we looked at a LPG stove when we need a new stove and boy were they expensive so we didn't do it.

    I got a group email from Janet, Beth, with pictures of Wes and his date to the prom not too long ago and emailed her back to ask how she was. Everything is fine but she's very busy. Wes and his date looked adorable.

  8. Morning, gang! I have NO business being cheery as Beth's insomnia wand kicked me HARD last night. BUT...the noir story is practically writing itself. I LOVE when it flows like this!! Hmm, maybe flowing like Andi's green river??? ::g::

    MaryB - yes, Mercedes is my gal, too--she totally deserves props.

    Lori, I'm fascinated by your country life. Love to read what's been going on with you all.

    Lisa, w00t!! Nearly halfway through May. Pretty soon...

    Beth, I second Lori - GET RID OF STUFF. I got rid of loads, and still have stuff to toss because I plumb ran out of time. And I only moved across town.

    Hope you all have a fabulous day today. I'm punchy from no sleep and am in search of the elusive caffeine.

  9. Mary, I'm afraid my rural butt spends too much time parked in front of my distinctly non-rural computer. But, I'm happy to share whatever I'm up to.

    Today included a terribly uninteresting stroll to check on some of the 50-or-so trees we've planted over the last few years. As well as evaluating which of the problem trees (non-Tasmanian species, especially those that tend to go feral) can come out. The tallest of our plantings (of course) are the ones we put too close to the power lines. I'll be topping them again soon.

  10. Morning all! Andi, that pic brings CCR's "Green River" to mind.

    Got wrapped up in writing myself, knocked off probably sooner than I should have because I didn't sleep well. Meh. At least I was ready to go when Mason decided he wanted a 3am snack. Maria said she knocked out nearly 3000 words last night (according to a tweet) — awesome!

    Lori, since you're upgrading your toilets, have you thought about methane capture? Good luck with those invasive plants… you don't have the issues with kudzu that we do here, I hope.

    Lisa, single motherhood is a major drag. Doing it in tandem is hard enough; if you don't have any support whatsoever? Yeesh!

    Gotta run…

  11. Drive by hi to all.

    Love the green Andi!

    Happy packing Beth!

    Get some sleep Far!

    Interesting projects Lori!

    Back to work for me. It's been unusually cold here, back to winter clothing. Hopefully my tomato plants won't succumb. Sigh.

  12. Waves to all. At the pool this morning so too tired to do much else.

  13. Hope the words flowing like that creek, Maria, are washing away any thought of a repeat of the insomnia. I was just up at my Mom's trying to get to through away stuff so I'm with you and Lori on the pleasures of throwing things out.

    Great output there, Farf. You should run right back from wherever you were running to (work, I expect) and write some more.

    Hey b2, everything seemed to have come through our frost warnings unscathed so maybe your cold will be equally kind to growing things.

    Howdy, Dina. The wind is blowing here and making me sleepy (it's my favorite sound to sleep to) so while I didn't do pool yoga, I'm sympathizing on the tired.

  14. Weird, magical green picture!
    Have been holding my breath all day and now (fingers crossed) I can begin to relax - politically speaking. Phew!
    Meanwhile, the UK is living up to its weather reputation, as it's freezing cold, even though the sun has been shining. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
    Please send us some WARMTH!

  15. Good afternoon all!

    Well I have glasses everywhere now. I picked up my new ones and then went to the shop where I had gotten my old ones. I thought that I would have to order the frames and wait a week or so. The lady took my old frames and lenses, went to a back room and in five minutes had my lenses in new frames. It costs me $10.70 and I was out of there in under ten minutes. If I had only known this before I had ordered my new one.

    I hope everyone has had a good day today. After all the running around I've done today I'm totally exhausted. I'm fighting to stay awake for another two or three hours because I could really nod off right now.

    Everyone have a good night and take care.


  16. FARf, I suppose I could find a way to burn the methane, but probably not with a kitchen stove. The way it's meant to be set up, the fumes are vented with fans to above the roofline.

    I know how to build a methane digester that self-pressurizes, but that is at cross purposes with a dry composting system.

    It's always something.

  17. It will be interesting, Nicky, to see how this combination works out.

    Well, FM, the big question is "Can you see with any of them?" P.S. Hope you had a nice nap.

    And I'm staying totally away from any venting methane discussions.