Friday, May 14, 2010

"Yep, it's green" Week: Lovely, Deep, Dark

Taken May 12, 2010.

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  1. Andi, you must be seeing the hounds that follow the battle weary soldiers. Grateful that the Crusade is behind them, the small band of men will soon be reunited with family and home. The hound's ears twitch and a scream pierces the calm of the forest...

    I encountered another clueless staff member, or just rude and uncaring more likely, yesterday. I turned and walked away.
    Makes you start questioning why you come to work some days.
    Then I got a call over the radio to come to the front. Yes, I'm very important--I get to carry a radio and say 10-4 and everything.

    There was a young lady there to see me. A former student of the program from a year or so ago. She wanted to tell me how much I had helped her get her act together. I had given a recommendation to the Cosmetology teacher to get her in that program. The girl now has her license and is looking for a job in a salon. She also is the manager of a cookie store in the mall. She had become the assistant manager very quickly after I gave her the right amount of encouragement mixed with a swift kick in the butt(metaphorically speaking).
    Those are the moments weeping can be a correct response.
    She'd seen someone that knew me that day and wanted to come tell me thank you. She said I'd told her just the right thing at the right time.
    Well damn if it wasn't true on the flip side--She was telling me just the right thing when I needed it most.
    Gave that girl a big hug.

    We don't get many moment like that, so they are to be savored. Just like Nancy's very sweet nod my way last night.

    So plenty of positive energy coming to all that need it.

    Fabulous Friday to All.

  2. Here's something lovely but not dark at all -- I suggested Nancy's new book in Powell's daily email newsletter/web listing of books recommended by readers and Scent of Rain and Lightning is today's Daily Dose [LINK].

  3. Jinx! (I decided it didn't matter if we're saying the same thing).

    Well the hound part is certainly right but given our proximity to Camp Atterbury, those soliders are more likely to be a bunch of guys in camo skulking through the woods or shooting howitzers.

    Jim loves it, too, when students come back to see him -- except when they come back as the parents of a current student 'cause that means he's old, old old. :)

  4. Sometimes the Tiki Gods (or is it the FSM?) send us what we need, when we need it. Yay for grateful students! And yay to walk away from clueless ijits. Life is too short.

    I love the murky, misty, foggy feel of this picture. Me and my love of wild weather.

    My sister arrives today - woo hoo! I slacked for a few minutes in the pool yesterday, per Fam's instructions. But otherwise it's Box Heaven. maryb will be pleased, I'm surrounded.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday - TGIF indeed! Off to fill boxes....

  5. PS - Can't wait to read Nancy's new book! Maybe I can read it in between boxes...

  6. Yay for the occasional happy ending of sorts, Lisa! And even better when one comes back to say thanks and show off that shiny straight life…

    Enjoy Dis with your Sis, Beth! Hey, if you like "wild weather," have you ever been on a storm-chasing tour? Season's about over this year, but maybe next. I know someone who can put you in touch with the better ones.

    Well, I'm off to the mimes. Everyone else is going to help Mrs. Fetched's mom plant one of her gardens. I think I'd rather be planting, myself.

  7. You can go on storm tours, Farf! I'll talk to you about that. That would be WONDERFUL!!! (Yes, I'm sick and twisted.)

  8. Morning, gang!!

    Lisa, yay for good karma coming back to make your day better.

    Andi, this pic totally evokes faery rings and secret moonlit dances. It's all misty and mysterious in all the good ways.

    Beth, yay for sis arriving!! Sisters are invaluable in the helping to move arena. :)

    Farf! Morning and hope you have a great day at the mimes.

    Today, I will be flipping between writing my essay for FILLED WITH GLEE and rearranging furniture/bookshelves. I am so ready to be fully settled!

    Happy Friday!!

  9. *lurks in corner, working*

    *surfaces, waves, sinks back into the deeps*

  10. Good morning everyone!

    I'm still waiting for some energy to show up. I pretty much stayed in bed all day yesterday only getting up when George started whining to go out. I think the summer has hit me. I really hate days when it's 90F and humid. I don't know what's going on with my brother and sil. They've been working themselves crazy outside. My brother has already mowed the lawn twice this week and my sil has gotten every piece of grass and weeds out of all the flower gardens. I wish they had been this energetic when I used to do the lawn.

    I hope everyone has a good day and a great w/e coming up. Take care.


  11. Season for storms may be over where you are Farf but it's just beginning in the Midwest.

    Hmm, Maria, maybe there's a Wiccan coven hanging out there -- now that would be cool.

    *what was that?*

    *something just went whizzing by*

    *oh well, it's gone now*

    Howdy FM. I sympathize on the lack of energy. I tried all day yesterday to convince myself to do something but it ended up the only thing I did talk myself into doing was lying on the couch with Sniff, listening to it storm.

  12. Did you get the big storms I sent your way this week? Never say I don't think of you.

    We had one of the best lightning storms I've been through the other night - woke me up about 3:30 in the morning and it was like explosions outside my window for about a half an hour. And it poured.

    I sent it over your way.

  13. Why thank you for that gift, Mary. We did get it. It was delivered yesterday ... along with the bonus gift of a power outage. :P

  14. Imagonna miss the green when it goes.

    Aw, Lisa, that's a story that makes tears back up behind my eyes. Bless that child for going to the trouble of seeking you out to bless you. You're somethin'. So is she, it seems.
    Crosses fingers for all of them, even for the rude "grown-up."

    Aw, Andi, thank you so much! That's lovely, and so much appreciated.

    Everybody's so busy--or, like FM, trying to work up the energy to get busy! Hugs to all.

  15. Don't worry, Nancy. There's plenty more green where that came from. :)

    And you're welcome. It was my pleasure -- quite literally and literarily.