Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"Yep, it's green" Week: Hollow Out

Taken April 26, 2010.

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  1. I can hear the patter of doggie feet as Sniff and Bebo chase each other. I can also hear me gasping for breath as I get to the top and look down into the next hollow to then have to walk down and out.

    Yesterday was working with clueless idiot day-so nice to have a quiet hollow to ponder. I will be finishing a letter to our principal about my counselor allowing disgruntled kiddos in her office to then laugh and make fun of me as I walk by her office. Then sending some of them back to the room unsupervised to be disruptive and rude a second time while they got work for "study session." Yeah right.
    These were 11th graders so not the young ones that don't know better.

    Will be wearing that Big B hat to finish that letter and then I will put the incident in the category of not worth any more of my attention. Clueless is as clueless does. And some people don't want to do better.

    Rant over.

    I love my smart people on the blog.
    You know way more than me about every kind of toilet and laying tile and computer coding and software and traveling and photography and law and writing and painting and retirement. And I love hearing about it all.

    A great day to all. Gotta get some pages done this morning.


  2. Cyberhugs back, Lisa. Sometimes people just baffle me. Yay for the letter - at least you can express your opinion, and move on. Grrrr. Bad karma to that person!

    And yay for green, green and more green!

    Today: dinner with friends, fix the stupid ice maker, and pack pack pack. Hopefully the house will look less put-together by the end of the day.

    Enjoy your non-packing day, everyone!

  3. The land around here does make for a nice metaphor, Lisa -- full of ups and downs, struggles and rewards. I hope things are on the upside for you soon. Meanwhile, feh on the counselor.

    There's more green where that came from, Beth -- quite literally (as you'll see tomorrow). I always enjoy my non-packing days. When are you actually moving out?

  4. Closing is a week from today, andi. So I have seven days...plenty of time (she keeps telling herself)! Guess I should get busy, instead of playing on the computer...

  5. I'll try to remember to do your purple post next Wednesday as a way to celebrate the closing.

  6. Thanks andi! I'll visualize that as my finish line...something to look forward to!

  7. Morning, gang!

    Lisa, sending you loads and loads of hugs. HS kids can be such jerks. :(

    Beth, I bestow all my good packing vibes on you.

    Andi, thanks for the beautiful, cool green woods. I can envision myself just strolling through, absorbing the wonderful energies.

    Working @ the mimes from home today, waiting for some bookshelves to be delivered. (yay Container Store free shipping sale!)

    Hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday!

  8. Your green is beautiful Andi!

    It's 45 and rainy here. Ugh.

    That is frustrating Lisa. Good luck with that letter.

    I'm off after today. Woohoo!

  9. Cold and wet is my world. Thinking of having a fire even though it is May.


  10. I wrote you a comment… but Blogger eated it.


  11. I wrote you a comment… but Blogger eated it.


  12. … and then it double-posted.

    Must be the Dozebox I brought home from work, it's a bad influence on the other computers.

  13. I put a reminder of my calendar, Beth so now your finish line is digitized. :)

    Got the bookshelves yet, Maria? I love bookshelves. You can't have too many of them because you can't have too many books.

    We had a deluge this morning, b2, but the temps are much better (mid 60s now). And woo hoo for the very long weekend.

    I think March and May got confused with each other this year, Dina.

    Farf, that's what happened the other morning -- for about 15 minutes two comments, one from Lori and one from Beth, didn't show up even though they both came in my email. Blogger weirdness, I guess.

  14. *pokes head out of paper heap*

    *sees shadow*

    Oh noes, six more weeks of paper!


    *sinks back beneath surface*

  15. Good afternoon all,

    I've been having a hard time getting going today. I was really worn out from my trip into the city yesterday and it seems to have carried over to today. Maybe tomorrow I'll wake up so full of energy that I'll go and run a mile. Yeah sure. :)

    Everyone have a good day and take care.


  16. Shelves arrived at 5:45. I could have actually gone in to the office. Oh well.

    Of the not so fun, I'm having to cancel going to Mayhem in the Midlands at the end of the month. Budget is just way too tight after the move and deadlines too onerous. :(

    I'm REALLY bummed not getting to have some quality time with Nancy & Dina, but sometimes Real Life gets in the way.

  17. Aw come on, Kelly. Who's afraid of little paper -- come on over here, I've got matches.

    Well, FM, of course you couldn't get started -- it was the afternoon which meant it was time to get unstarted.

    That is a bummer, Maria. :(