Thursday, May 13, 2010

"Yep, it's green" Week: Hollow In

Taken May 2, 2010.

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  1. Oh, I REALLY like this one, Andi.
    I can hear the rattle of chain mail and the snorting of steeds as the the forces ready for battle. Robin Hood--me thinks Russel Crowe will be a good one--and his side ready their bows to respond to the stronger opponents.

    Yesterday, I met with the principal who totally agreed with me about the inappropriateness of the situation. The counselor had ticked off the secretary too, so I'll let our fearless leader talk to the counselor. I don't really need to confront her or have some dramatic scene.
    I expressed my feeling to the only one that can change things and that was enough for me.
    Clueless will continue to be--those things don't change.

    Kiddos were much better since one wave had been suspended. Smaller wave suspended yesterday so today should be good too. The down side is those kiddos will wake up next year and be in the same grade, same hell for them.

    Went to the high school for a meeting. One of my former kiddos yelled my name and came running across the parking lot to give me a hug. Noted how much weight I'd lost and that he wasn't coming back as long as he was in Amer. Sign Lang. Now that's the conversations I like having. Some of our kiddos are good kids. A bit crazy, but who wants to be all normal anyway.

    Beth, sending you Packing Power.

    Maria, the $$ reality does suck as travel plans get canceled. But glad you got another bookcase. We can never have enough of those you know. Though with my iPhone I have the kindle app and will have less real books to put on the shelf.

    FM hope the energy emerges for you and it is a great day.

    Jim, 15 school days --WooHoo.

    Farf--I'm thinking a little laying on the floor with Mason would be a very nice way to pass some time.

    Thursday winking at Friday for most. Lori--Enjoy the weeeekend.

  2. That's odd, Lisa. I see wet, muddy dogs that it'll take forever to clean up when we get back home. :)

    What a nice counterpoint to your bad day with the counselor to get that well-deserved hug.

  3. Now THAT'S green! Wow! That's overwhelmingly gorgeous.

    I love the things you see in andi's pictures, Lisa. And yay for the chain of command, and kids experiencing repercussions. Hopefully it will sink in with some of them. It's that one kid that makes it worthwhile...out of 600 pregnant teen clients, 2 thanked me for helping them - and that had to be enough. Hang in there.

    Packing away. Looking forward to my sis arriving tomorrow. Trying not to listen to that teeny voice whispering, "You're nuts, what are you doing?" I prefer the big booming one saying, "Yippee! On to better things!"

    Hope everyone has a great Thursday!

  4. I'm sure that little voice will go away once you're all packed up and have completed the sale. The time before the closing is kind of like the days before the wedding -- the perfect time for endless second-guessing.

  5. Hello - the insomnia bug hit and I have been up for hours. Not coherent but awake.

    Love all the green pictures. We have the green but the warm - not so much.

    Happy Thursday to all.

  6. Jinx, Dina! Does that work if you post at the same time but don't say the same thing?

    Sorry about the insomnia. :(

  7. Sorry about the insomnia, Dina. Since Keeper left, my sleep is a lot more consistent. Or maybe it's because other folks are hosting the wand...hope you do better tonight.

    Thanks, andi - I needed that.

  8. Morning, gang!

    Andi, I'm with Lisa, that photo is rife with possibilities: A faery dance, Robin Hood, elves leaving Middle Earth...

    Lisa, glad the principal is stepping up to the plate on this. I honestly don't know how you handle these kids. You are a special person!!

    Beth, more packing vibes headed your way.

    Dina, yuck! I guess the wand headed northward. I've been sleeping fine.

    ::waves to Farf, FM, and all the rest who will arrive later::

    @ the mimes today; my Fake Friday w00t!

  9. I have arrived. Whether my comment will stay to hang with the rest of yours remains to be seen. :-P

    Andi, this time of year, you can just hose down muddy dogs, right? Can't think of a better day to deal with a species that considers rolling in smelly stuff a birthright.

    Lisa, do you or any of the other long-suffering teachers try the direct approach? As in, "The fastest way out of here is to pass your classes and not being disruptive. Worst case, you get to repeat this year." But that doesn't work on The Boy either, so I guess it would be a waste of breath. Either they know, or they know & don't care.

    Beth, have a good time with your sis! More Dizzy on the horizon?

    Bummer, Dina. I haven't slept all that wonderfully two of the last three nights myself. Hope you can catch some Zs later.

    Maria, another bummer about missing Midlands this time around. Whatever happened to the notion of novelists raking in the big bucks anyway?

    The mimes at home are awaiting… y'all carry on. [Now to copy this in case it gets eated again.]

  10. Happy to be your mother hen, Beth. :)

    I just don't understand, Maria, why you don't look at that pictures and sees muddy dogs. Hmmm, maybe this is why I'm not a novelist? ;)

    Who needs hoses, Farf. That's what the lake, pond, and creeks are for.

  11. This is a magical world, I want to step into it. The magical world without insects and heat rather than the real one :)

  12. These photos are not green, they're GREEN!!! I love all of them, but my fav so far is the green water, just because it's so unexpected and bizarre.

    Lisa, I'll bet you've heard this a million times from other people, but hearing it again won't make it less true. . .I don't know how you do it. I never could. I admire you a lot. And you keep writing, too. That's impressive.

  13. Waves tiredly - and you have no idea how much trouble I had typing that.

    I am dead on my feet but the cap is back on my tooth and I am going to bed.

    Sleep tight, everyone.

  14. There are never any bugs in my pictures, Mary, unless I explicitly invite them in (it works just like vampires).

    And all that amazing green, Nancy, is why I am so much in the thrall of spring.

    I appreciate you making the effort, Dina. Hope you feel better soon.

  15. Magic Kingdom on Thursday, Farf - yippee! Yet another thing to look forward to. And they're offering an extension of the pass until April, all weekdays free, so I'm going to do that, and I can go back again and again this winter!