Saturday, May 1, 2010

Weekend Cruise

Taken April 21, 2010.

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  1. Good morning everyone.

    Andi that's a very lovely picture. I really like the reflection off the water.

    Today I think will be a very big slacker day. Seeing that I haven't been to sleep all night, I figure I owe myself a most slackerly day.

    Other than that everything here is running about the same. I'll see today if we finally get the water/flooding problem fixed this morning. Of course I'm pulling for the fixed. :)

    Hope everyone has a good day and a great weekend.

    Take care


  2. Now that is a cruise I could take.

    Hi FM. Might I suggest installing the following:

    Yep, plumbing sucks. Mostly because every bit you replace breaks the piece up-steam.

    Long day, hence early bedtime here. Night all.

  3. Good morning FM. Good luck with the plumbing -- of course, if you had good luck, you wouldn't have plumbing problems.

    Good night, Lori. Yep, that's the only cruising (of the water variety) that looks appealing to me.

  4. Hi Lori,

    I went ahead and went to the page for wateralert. I've got some reading to do on it. Since the family is getting the house ready for sale, I'm not sure if they would want to put out the money for something like that. However, the plumbing sometimes feels like a quarterly event here, so who knows they might go for it.

    Nighty night and sleep tight. :)

    Andi of course you're right. If I had any good luck, I wouldn't have any plumbing problems. ;)

  5. Love the mist rising off the water, andi. Really a peaceful picture.

    Wall is fixed - now I just have to paint it. Still waiting for the appraisal, and to find out if the house truly is sold. And if I have to fix more stuff. Hopefully I'll know this week...

    House concert at a friend's house tonight, so baking cookies this morning and doing long-overdue laundry. Work has slowed, so I have time to do other stuff. Maybe even some slacking! Still haven't gotten out in the sun...

    Hope everyone cruises through their Saturday...

  6. The mist is lovely, and the birds on the water draw me in and make me want to see what's around the next bend in the river.

    We're in storms now, the two boys (from the Go4), are moaning as they always do when the barometer drops suddenly.

    Hope everyone has a lazy or productive Saturday, as you individually wish.

  7. Running out the door to Malice! More later. :)

  8. The geese are carrying me through the day, Andi.

    Hope all this plumbing talk isn't contagious.

    Finished editing the next two chapters and so now off for errands.
    David is off doing stuff with scouts and I have some quiet time. So don't want to be gone long and miss out on it.

    Sensational Saturday to all.

  9. But we're lucky, FM, because we get to have you write up your plumbing crises for our enjoyment. ;)

    Fingers and claws crossed here, Beth, for no more problems. I'm enjoying the smell of baking cookies from here.

    There's nothing around the bend of the river, ks, because it's a lake ... but there's lots of lovely stuff over the next hill(s). We had storms last night and there are supposed to be more today and tomorrow so looks the we're sharing weather.

    Ooh Maria, can't wait to hear.

  10. Oops -- how did I miss you, Lisa. I don't think you want geese to carry you anywhere -- up close, they are biters who leave crap everywhere. But they are lovely to watch from a distance. Enjoy the quiet time.

  11. I think the photos actually get better every day, Andi! That's a really great one.
    Showers and sunshine today; and son and family (5 in total) staying the weekend, so when No2 daughter and family came to tea, I said: why not stay. So that's 10 extra tonight! Been scurrying around making up beds and digging out the travel cot for the toddler.
    I'm turning into Ma Walton! G'night, John-boy!

  12. Why thank you, Nicky. How sweet of you to say. Too bad you had to follow it with the scary thought of the Waltons with a British accent. ;)