Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Want to Come Up and See My Etchings?

Taken April 19, 2010.

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  1. ... continued from last night.

    Lori, lots of the words have secondary definitions which are added in the comments so you can always add that definition to the appropriate word. :)

  2. Morning andi! I know you're always out there, but it's nice to see you making first tracks.

    I picture that shadow looming overhead, a massive fern creature waiting to pounce on unsuspecting forest dwellers...

    Sorry you didn't get more time at the con, Maria, and you came back sick. Boo!

    Appraisal at 9am today. Woo hoo! And they want to close May 19, so if it all comes together, I'll be a packing fool very soon. Fingers and toes crossed,

    And Keeper goes home today. I'll miss his company, but can't wait to sleep through the night again - he checks on me every couple of hours by resting his head on the bed and staring at me. Which never fails to wake me. But I'll miss him, all the same.

    Off to vacuum white dog hair off the black rug. Happy Tuesday, everyone!

  3. Two people asked me if it was the full moon yesterday, so that will tell you how bananas the kiddos are. This time of year is tough. They act ugly, hateful and I don't care all rolled up in one.

    When the sun comes up, the sound you hear is the grass growing. We had a storm last night so keeping enough moisture on the ground so the jungle will sprout some more.

    Beth, crossing fingers with you.

    Maria, hope you are feeling better soon.

    Nicky--Here's to a quick election with little yammering of the tv pundits.

    B--Your weather has been all over the map. Gotta new painting going?

    Lori--I want guacamole now that you mentioned it.

    Enough delay--gotta get ready for work.

    Waves to Nancy, Dina, Farf, Kelly, MaryB, FM, Jim and all others coming this way.
    Terrific Tuesday to all but the future.

  4. I guess, Beth, I think it's impolite for the host to go first. Good vibes on the appraisal coming your way. Fingers and claws crossed.

    Have a good and less crazy day at work, Lisa.

  5. Nifty shadow pic - it reminds me of cave paintings. :)

    Feeling a bit better, so I'm heading to the mimes today. Hoping there will be a/c there.

    Beth, crossing fingers for the appraisal & such.

    I finally caved and ordered a new laptop. Now that I have the couch, I realized that I'd really like to be able to sit there and write, too. So much for simplifying, huh?

    Please send "turn on the a/c" vibes to my apartments. Perhaps when I get home tonight, I'll be pleasantly surprised.

    Hope you all have a great Tuesday!

  6. I *like* this one! Great shadow shot. And no, I don't think it's impolite for the host to go first. Not here, anyway.

    Lisa, Mrs. Fetched got me to mow the lawn Sunday afternoon before the rain. It probably wants another trim now that the hot Planet Georgia summer is starting to show its muggy mug. Hope the full moon wanes shortly… maybe you can use it to talk about thinking ahead (the lack of which gets lots of folks, teen & otherwise, in trouble).

    Beth, I dropped a line at your place this morning…

    New laptop, Maria? What'dja get? Frankly, I'm surprised you didn't get an iPad. ;-) I'm still trying to process the idea of the apartment controlling the AC… does your rent include the utilities? The last place I rented at paid water, sewer, & basic cable — I was on the hook for lights & gas (and AC).

    Tuesday is starting better than Monday did. Mason woke us up around 6:30, so I was able to get to work by 8:30 for a change. Snippet, as I type, has started her 48-hour vacation at the Cinder Block Hilton, joining The Boy; I think they both get out Thursday. (This is the fallout from the drunk-chick incident late last year.)


  7. Farf - I did get an iPad (32GB, wifi) - but primarily as an ebook reader. :)

    re: laptop, I decided to cancel my order and go to the actual Apple store, instead. Will probably go back to the MacBook Air.

    Apt includes utilities, yes--water, gas, electric. Because it's an older building where the HVAC system is a boiler system, it's some amount of work to turn it over for the seasons. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will happen today!

  8. Maria, I think if I got an iPad I'd get a Bluetooth keyboard & use it for writing when out & about. Then again, iPhone 4.0 is supposed to support that too. Can't wait!

    I've also thought about rooting the Kindle & porting Joe (a console-mode text editor) to it.

  9. I hadn't thought of cave paintings, Maria, but now that you say it, I'm seeing it too. And every new apartments needs more things -- it's why you threw all that stuff out. So iPad, MacBook Air, surround sound system, one of those giant refrigerators ... sorry, I think I got carried away thinking about all the stuff I'm not going to buy..

    Farf, you can't take the good manners excuse away from me! It's my excuse for not having to think in sentences before 6 a.m.

  10. Andi, nice shadow play.

    Beth, crossing toes, need fingers for typing.

    Maria, glad to hear you're feeling a bit better. How do you like the iPad? I'm thinking of getting one to replace me travel netbook when the next generation comes out. I like my MacBook for working at home, but it gets heavy when I'm on the road and not doing a lot of writing.

    FarF, Lisa, and any latecomers, Halloooo!

    Now back to the project I still can't talk about.

  11. Kelly, the iPad is a fabulous e-reader and great to watch TV/movies on in bed.

    Great for email, too.

    Not sure it works for me for writing, though.

  12. Good afternoon all,

    We finally got the plumbing fix and now have hot water. It was so nice after four days of cold showers to finally get a hot shower. Reminds me of the saying, "It's good to be the king." :)

    Now with hot water everything seems to be going fine around here. My leg keep getting better everyday and I'm walking more and more.

    Beth I'm keeping everything I can crossed for you. Hope it goes smoothly.

    Lisa I hope the sprouting on your lawn isn't too bad. I know I hate to mow lawns.

    Maria I hope you're feeling better and your A/C come on soon. A year or so back I had to go through about a month of no A/C during the summer. It was miserable.

    FAR instead of doing more mowing, I think I would have a sudden case of gout and stay on the couch. :)

    Kelly it's good to see ya. Good luck on the project you can't talk about. ;)

    Andi I hope you and Jim are fine and that everyone has a good week ahead of them.

    Take care


  13. Yes, I think Lori would be good at secondary meanings.

    Beth, hope the appraisal process goes well and you are soon surrounded by boxes. Things will seem right with the world again with you surrounded by boxes :)

    Maria - sending a/c vibes like mad. Can you buy a small window unit to use if they don't turn it on? Are you happy with the 32G ipad? I'm thinking of getting one but I don't know which "size" I need.


    I'm still recovering from the work "retreat" weekend. I needed to retreat from the world for a while when I got home. I do NOT like togetherness. Going back to the office yesterday to see them all AGAIN was really hard to do. But by the end of today I was sorta back to normal.

  14. I hope you can tell us soon, Kelly. I hate secrets ... unless I'm the one that gets to tease people about 'em.

    Woo hoo for fixed plumbing, FM! And fixed legs too! You know what I thinkg would be some good exercise for the fixed leg -- some pictures of the pond ... with Lucy.

    I did one of those of work retreats once Mary. It was what convinced me that I needed to start looking for a less collegial place to work.

  15. MaryB, I think the 32GB is the best size for the iPad. Books don't take u a lot of room, so I can have several TV shows and movies on the hard drive at a time.

    re: the A/C - no window unit possible - I've got windows that slide from side to side. They did say this week, so I'm hoping sooner than later.

    Feeling better, though. Today was less hot. :)