Saturday, May 8, 2010

Time for a Swim?

Taken April 21, 2010.

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  1. A wonderful spot for a picnic, though the pups would insist on their share first and clean up after.

    Well Sonboy and daughter are both coming in now for Mother's Day. WooHoo.
    Hubby had scout thing today so Writing Day here!!!
    I've promised myself I will start walking and today will take a break and do just that.
    Oh and I need to go vote for the school board. Not so impressed with what we got now. But change has only seemed to bring on more of the same--weak leadership in a superintendent.
    Why I'm not in politics--way too ineffective for me.

    Sensational Saturday to All.

  2. Morning, gang! Drive-by wave as I'm deep in the heart of story-ville. Will write 'til I drop. ::G::

    Lisa, best of luck on writing day!

    ::waves to everyone::

  3. Yoho…

    Lisa, yay for kids being home! Mom got her present yesterday (I bought her a Kindle) and she's in love. As much as she's on the road in the summer, I figure she can get a lot of use out of that.

    Write long, write hard, write good y'all!

  4. Yay that the kidlets are coming home, Lisa! The perfect Mom's Day gift.

    I can imagine it's a wee bit nippy for a swim, andi? But it looks so inviting.

    I'd love a Kindle, but can't bring myself to spend the money. Then again, I'd have to buy the regular book too, to put on my shelf, so not so sure it'd be a smart purchase for me...

    Write like the wind, ladies!

    Playing in St Augustine today. Sunset and champagne on the beach, garage sales in the snooty neighborhoods, and helping friends pack and move. No work in the queue, so I get the weekend off. And am following andi's order to not think about the "A" word.

    Hope you all have a stunning Saturday! I'll toast y'all on the beach tonight...

  5. Morning everyone,

    Andi I got the pond pictures for ya, but when I posted them here it said, Your HTML cannot be accepted: Tag is not allowed: IMG

    It has been so long since I've posted pictures, I keep forgetting how to post them. I think I read somewhere that you and Jim are going to see your mothers this weekend, so when you get back I'll asked how to post these.

    It's supposed to be a quiet day here today, but where supposed to maybe get some rain. I hope we do because ever bit helps down here during the summer.

    Everyone have a great day and weekend and take care


  6. Sometimes I think your mailing address must be "Andi & Jim, Serenity Road, Paradise, USA."

    Writers are writing today? They do that?

  7. Hi all. I'm back from Cincy and I feel like I've spend all day in a car (probably because we basically did).

    I don't know if you remember, Lisa, but we walked down to the swimming area when you were here. Hope your Writing Day went really well.

    And Maria, I hope your writing day went really well.

    And Farf, I hope your writing ... oops, sorry. Got in a rut. Glad your gift went over well.

    It's really too nippy today, Beth. It only got up to 55 and with 25 mph winds it felt even colder.

    FM, I sent you an email explaining what to do. But woo hoo, pond pictures! Thank you, thank you.

    That right, Nancy ... except when there are guns going off, chainsaws running, National Guard jets on training runs, dogs barking and howling, bird squawking over their territory ... it's all just as serence as can be. :D

  8. Story is done and emailed, w00t!! Thanks for all the writing vibes, gang.

    Spending the rest of the weekend READING.

  9. Where's my copy editor!

    it's all just as serence as can be.

    is supposed to be

    it's all just as serene as can be.

    And yay, Maria. What excellent news!

  10. Beth, I was thinking the Traveling Joan that is you would love to have a Kindle… they can store over 1000 books (claims "up to" 1500), so it would put a pretty big dent in your moving-around stuff (if you could resist getting the dead-tree versions as well). I'm thinking of switching my subscription to Asimov's over to the Kindle just to cut down on the amount of shelf space needed.

    Yay Maria! I have just the opposite problem of you & Beth: writing short stories is easy, it's the novels that I find difficult.

    FM, I don't think you're allowed to put pix directly in comments. You have to put them on a photo site (flickr, picasaweb, photobucket, etc) then post a link.

    Andi, if you added "someone blasting their guitar out a half-stack tube amp" to your list, the soundscape would sound very much like FAR Manor's. ;-)

    Gout is flaring up. I'm elevating the leg & am going to either write or throw down a 5-minute podcast. Or both. Around here, you never know…

  11. Farf, I guess I've got something to be thankful for. The jets on the low approach for a strafing run are a lot louder than that but at least it's brief and only happens during the day.

    And speaking of days, mine is begging to be ended. And so to bed.