Friday, May 21, 2010

Tall, Green, and Handsome

Taken May 7, 2010.

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  1. Andi, the angle gives an other world feel. Love it.

    My aide is sick and don't know if I'll have help today. So may be a wild day.
    The green stuff floating on the pond were suspended yesterday for three days so that will make things a bit better.

    Hubby going camping for the weekend so can get plenty of typing-in done that I've slacked off from during the week.
    I've been studying query examples and agents instead. A delay tactic I'm sure, but I'm weak this time of year when I come home from school.

    In the 90s here today so Spring is elusive.
    Fabulous Friday for all!!

  2. What Lisa said about the pic. Lisa, hope you get through the day. When I was a kid, we never thought that suspension was a punishment for the ones who got it — no school for X days? Hey, I might act up a little myself! Except my mom would have made it hell on earth for me. Anyway, hope the typing-in goes well this weekend.

    Got a fair amount of writing done last night, despite Mason playing at my feet or getting up and demanding my attention. Gotta head for the mimes sooner or later…

  3. They look like aliens....take me to your leader!

    Good luck today, Lisa - the weekend awaits as your reward.

    You're really cranking out the words, Farf!

    Had a blast at Disney - will try to post pix at my place tomorrow. Hanging out in St Augustine today, recovering from the last few weeks. I'll return to being constructive tomorrow - I think I've earned the break!

    Here's to a relaxing weekend, everyone. I'll check in as I find wireless connections...

  4. Good morning to all!

    Channeling your inner Monet, Andi. Well done!

    It's going to get up to 85 here today but then cooler again this weekend. :-(

    Off to court. See y'all later.

  5. Ack, morning slipping by and I just woke up...with a massive sinus headache. NOT GOOD.

    Supposed to be entertaining a friend later today, though that's still iffy, because she emailed last night and is coming down with something, too.

    Oh, universe, why do you mock me?

    I do love my Fridays off, though. If things don't work out today and I end up being a slacker, it's okay. :)

    Lisa, luck over the weekend with the typing!!

    Farf, love the thought of Mason keeping you company as you write.

    Beth, looking forward to the pics. :)

    Andi, aliens? nah, I see quiet. Mostly I guess because that's what I feel I need today.

    Fab Friday to all!!

  6. That pond scum never is always suspended, Lisa, so you're ahead of me (well actually ahead of my neighbor since it's their pond). It seems like waiting a couple weeks till school is over wouldn't hurt anything -- that little time can't make any difference to your queries and you would be able to come at it with a lot more energy.

    I would think Mason would make a great muse, Farf. :)

    Oh I have to disagree on those ferns, Beth -- which I guess is obvious from the post title. Have fun! That's an order.

    Now, if only someone would buy my photos for what they'd pay for a Monet, b2.

    I like your take on the photo, Maria, and you're right that the pond is very quiet. I hope you and your friend end up having a good day together and if that doesn't work out, a restful day apart.

  7. Hi all! Maria, hope the head gets better - and Carla too!

    Nancy, when are you getting in to Mayhem? We need to have a Kansas chat :)

    Happy Friday to all.

  8. Happy Friday to you, Dina.

    And Happy Go to Bed to me.