Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Poetry Post

The end of school always seems topsy-turvy to me. Its sinking in with my kids that summer is beginning but recess is ending.
Photo of an anonymous student by an anonymous student.
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Mixed-Up School
by X J Kennedy

We have a crazy mixed-up school.
Our teacher Mrs. Cheetah
Makes us talk backwards. Nicer cat
You wouldn't want to meet a.

To start the day we eat our lunch,
Then do some heavy dome-work.
The boys' and girls' rooms go to us,
The hamster marks our homework.

At recess time we race inside
To don our diving goggles,
Play pin-the-donkey-on-the-tail,
Ball-foot or ap-for-bobbles.

Old Cheetah with a chunk of chalk
Writes right across two blackbirds,
And when she says, "Go home!" we walk
The whole way barefoot backwards.


  1. Sorry I'm late this morning. Andi's still visiting her friends from high school and college and I'm driving to Cincinnati to see my Mom today. Hope you have a good day.

  2. Late? Earlier than me, and Mason got me up a lot sooner than I wanted. (Wanted = eating lunch to start the day.)

    In an attempt to boot my brain, I attempt a double-dactyl* about a physics professor from college:

    Professor Chimino
    Drew perfect circles, in
    Chalk white or red.

    A curious student
    Inquired how he did it:
    "Keep radius constant,"
    Was what he said.

    Two verses of 6-6-6-4 syllable lines; the first line is repetitive nonsense and the 4-syllable lines are the ones that rhyme.

  3. Drive safe! Good to plan something else to do during Old Broads Weekend. :)

    Love the poem, especially Ball-foot.

  4. Morning, gang! Love me this 4-day weekend, w00t!!!

    Going to spend the day reading & relaxing. Much as I did yesterday. Finished Jaye Wells' 2nd: Mage in Black and have a plethora of books to choose from to start today.

    ::waves at you all::

  5. I've been web surfing for 2010 summer reading lists for ADULTS. Lots for kids and HS kids but not many for adults. Not even from Universities. Found Swarthmore and U Cal Berkeley.

    Anybody seen a good summer reading list from a library - for adults?

  6. Another hot day. . . Two more weekends until my mom comes to go with us to Ireland. Ack! I have to get the house clean!!

    Maryb, you might check out the YouTube(s) of Prairie Lights summer reading, at

    Paul Ingram, their long-time manager, does his thing as no one else can. He also has other that you'll see of Fiction Picks (the summer list is a mix). Prairie Lights is a great mid-western bookstore of the first rank.

    It's not Powell's, but it ain't bad.

  7. A day spent reading sounds wonderful! My GF and I sat up til 4am yakking last night/this morning, then got a few hours of sleep and started again. We're pooped, as you can imagine - way too old for this stuff! I'm guessing it'll be an early night tonight. Or at least I'm hoping...

    Hope everyone had a relaxing Sunday - we toured the area, had authentic deep dish Chicago pizza (with pineapple, yum!) and a glass of chianti. More wine on the patio later, once it cools off - 93 in Chicagoland today.

    Read a few pages for me!

  8. Jim, the good son--we Moms appreciate you!!!
    Mine made a drive by visit. Picked up the coffee table still shrink wrapped from IKEA. Good he's handy.
    Gifted me with a car jack/radio transmitter for my iPhone so I can listen to iPod through car speakers.
    The nice part of birthdays two days apart. Though 22 years ago he was by far the greatest birthday gifts I've gotten.

    Busy day so wishing all a great evening and sleeping in one more morning--woohoo.