Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Poetry Post

Andi on a medial moraine.

click for larger

A section from:
Some Extensions on the Sovereignty of Science
by Alberto Ríos


On a trip to Bloomington, Indiana, I was being driven there
From Indianapolis and my friend pointed out some hills along the way,

Saying that these hills were made as a result of the farthest reach of
The Ice Age glacier. I had been waiting for this moment

Ever since fifth grade. I could hardly contain myself,
Though I’m sure I just said uh-huh in the conversation.

I took a small and delicious breath. So, I said, slowly,
That’s the terminal moraine, huh? There, I’d said it,

The phrase I had saved up since the moment I found it
In that fifth-grade reader: terminal moraine.

I had never said it aloud. What’s a little scary, of course,
Is that I was more excited about remembering

Than about the hills themselves. But if it was scary, it was sweet
In the mouth, too. In a larger picture, one way or another,

The Ice Age glacier was still a force to be reckoned with.


  1. Pic reminds us how small we are compared to Mother Earth.
    As a science geek, I totally relate to the excitement of being at a place, a feature you've only read about.
    Moraines are foreign to me. We had oceans covering Texas and Volcanic uplifts near our property in Cherokee. So the remains of these anciet landscapes are different.
    They are still discovering new types of dinosaur creatures that swam in the seas near Dallas.
    I still remember the excitement of collecting Llanite 35 years ago in college geology--a type of granite found near Llano that has blue quartz in it. Found no where else in the world. I recently bought a couple of slices of it from a rock shop to have on my desk. Reignites the enthusiasm as I write.

    Restful Sunday to all.

  2. I have a Bachelor of Science, but know nothing about it. Barely passed Chemistry. Passed Physics because our teacher spent most of the year on astronomy. So I nod respectfully to those of you who enjoy and understand it!

    You guys have any big adventures planned this summer, jim and andi?

    Spent yesterday packing for my friends. Seems like that's all I do any more. But they appreciated the help, and it's mindless for me. Dinner with friends tonight, and a volunteer stint helping sort recyclables. Otherwise a nap or two, I think...back on the road again tomorrow.

    Hope everyone has a stellar Sunday!

  3. Peeks in to say "hey" (Texas version of "hello").

    Interesting pic, Jim - love the agelessness of it. Not a science geek, but find planetary development fascinating.

    Lisa, ever been down to Enchanted Rock in the Hill Country?

    Beth, you are a whirlwind! Safe travels tomorrow.

    I think I'm going to spend today re-acquainting myself with ER - the show, that is, not the real thing! I finished watching THE GOOD WIFE series yesterday with Julianna Margulis. She's amazing. Totally led to my wanting to re-watch ER.

    Halfway through galleys, so taking a break.

    Super Sunday, all!

  4. Hi, all. Just a quick hi - lots to do before I leave for Omaha on Tuesday.

  5. I don't remember which way you came when you came to visit us Lisa & Beth. If you came down from Indianapolis, you crossed over the same terminal moraine mentioned in the poem. It's about 10-15 miles north of our house and runs across the whole state from Ohio to Illinois. We're planning on hiking in New Hampshire in June and doing some maintenance work on the house this summer.

    Maria, hope the galleys are looking good. I'm in grading frenzy mode - back to work.

    Dina, hope your Omaha trip is a good one.

  6. Drive by — gotta write while Olga & Mason allow!

    Didn't know about the terminal moraine, I'll have to look for it next time we head north. Mrs. Fetched was interested some years back in the sign on US27 marking the 45th parallel, I don't think she'd ever been that far north before or since.

  7. Hey Farf, when you were at 45° N, did you have a Chinatown moment?
    "I'm equitorial.
    I'm polar.
    I'm equitorial.
    I'm polar."

  8. Heehee, I never saw that movie, Jim!