Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Poetry Post

I wish I could read this one to my sixth graders.

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How To Treat Elves
by Morris Bishop

I met an elf man in the woods,
The wee-est little elf!
Sitting under a mushroom tall--
'Twas taller than himself!

"How do you do, little elf," I said,
"And what do you do all day?"
"I dance 'n fwolic about," said he,
"'N scuttle about and play;"

"I s'prise the butterflies, 'n when
A katydid I see,
'Katy didn't' I say, and he
Says 'Katy did!' to me!

"I hide behind my mushroom stalk
When Mister Mole comes froo,
'N only jus' to fwighten him
I jump out'n say 'Boo!'

"'N then I swing on a cobweb swing
Up in the air so high,
'N the cwickets chirp to hear me sing

"'N then I play with the baby chicks,
I call them, chick chick chick!
'N what do you think of that?" said he.
I said, "It makes me sick.

"It gives me sharp and shooting pains
To listen to such drool."
I lifted up my foot, and squashed
The God damn little fool.


  1. Oh no, that's a horrible ending! Here I was thinking how wonderful it would be to be that carefree and happy, with no cares but to play all day - and then he gets squashed. He better watch out, or someone bigger might squash him too!

    LOVE the picture - where is that?

    More packing, more hauling, but it's all good. Sat in the sun and played in the pool some yesterday, and watched the sunset with friends (pix at my place). Today, ditto - hopefully by the end of the day the place will be even emptier. We're having fun, and I'm not looking too far into the future. Just taking a step at a time and enjoying the journey.

    I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful Sunday. I'd love to be sitting by that creek, listening to the water falling on that rock...

  2. I feel like that with my students sometimes. That or just popping there heads off and playing a bit of soccer.

    Love all the dancing and fireworks and shouts of joy for me and my story. Feels funny to have so little in front of me with so much behind. Gets to where you never think you'll reach the end. But now I feel the breeze in my face and the excitement pumping to forge forward.
    There'll be time enough to panic when the query letters are to be written.

    Brother, sonboy, and daughter called to check in yesterday. Nice. Son is finished with school and thinks he may have all Bs WooHoo. Daughter has one more exam-the hard one-Monday. But she seems to be much better at handling the test anxiety and prepared for the C that might come after pouring her guts out for the class--Microeconomics.
    I decided several years ago I'm never taking a class again where a grade is involved. There are lots of classes I'd love to take, things to learn. Though there are so many online resources. But part of the fun is discussing things with others.

    A great day to all. Hubby is off to a Scout camp to help mow and repair for their campout next week. So will have a day to self--WooHoo.

    Sensational Sunday to All.

  3. Beth, Lisa understands why the poem is so appealing to teachers. Our classrooms are full of kids who just want to fritter about and play. The photo was taken down at the camp. I forgot to tag it. You walked near that spot on your way to the lake.

    Lisa, congrats on getting the editing finished. I'm on board with you about taking classes for a grade.

    Off to the woods now.

  4. I need a comprehensive manual for the iPhone. After a week of playing, I'm loveing it but know there are things I am missing and will underutilize.

    As I'm looking at possibilities, There is one at O'Reilly books but I'm clueless as to what would be worth the money or is there a good free choice out there? I don't mind paying for a good manual.
    This is a very Apple/Mac group, so I'm thinking someone might have suggestions.

  5. Lisa, this is the one I'd buy iPhone: The Missing Manual by David Pogue. I've only heard good things about The Missing Manual series.

  6. Heehee, I'd seen that one before, and enjoyed it thoroughly! I think we've all felt that urge to stomp the overly cutesy things from time to time.

    Lisa, "so much behind" gave me an unwholesome mental image, off to a cold shower with me. Hm, Mrs. Fetched just got out… no rest for the wicked I guess. Anyway, I'll second the Missing Manual books; I don't have any myself but have heard nothing but good things about them. In the meantime, if you want to know about anything in particular I (or others here) might be able to help out.

    Beth, hoist one for me while watching the sunset tonight, k?

    I got my homebrew bottled up yesterday, FINALLY. OPA (Other People's Agendas) sucked too much oxygen out of the day to finish the podcast, so I'm hoping to get it done today. But I'm hearing more thunder rumbling, so I guess it's time to turn the computer off & go look for something to eat.

  7. hahaha, Jim & Lisa!

    Lisa, your hilarious soccer-head comment reminds me of Paula Abdul's comment about American Idol contestant David Archuleta. After he sang on one show, she said she loved him so much she just wanted to squeeze his little head off and hang it from her rear-view mirror. Hey, we all have our own special ways of showing affection.

    Still dancing in the streets for Lisa!

  8. Just splurged and bought the latest Nancy Pickard masterpiece...woo hoo! Can't wait to read it, and then add it to my "friends" bookshelf. Saving a place for Lisa's, too!

  9. Good afternoon everyone!

    I was told once that I had enough knowledge about computers to be dangerous. Last night I proved that point. I thought I would delete some old programs and change some settings to see if I could get my computer to run better. I got into somewhere where I shouldn't have and changed some settings. Once my computer restarted it ran a lot faster, but there was no way I could get on the Internet. I had been going so fast on changing things that I had forgotten all that I had changed. So after a few hours of looking and searching and changing other stuff, I must have hit on the right thing. The Internet came back to life so now I'm not changing anything until I forget about this fiasco and do it again.

    Hope everyone has a good day and take care.


  10. heh. I luv the ending of this poem.

    Lisa! congrats!

    Hope everyone else is having a fine weekend.

  11. Thanks to tech guys.
    I have now downloaded the iphone book to my iphone on Stanza and am reading it. Very easy to understand so far.
    So now have Kindle and Stanza to read from. Got a couple of free books--one is letters from a woman Isabella L. Bird--A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains. Her descriptions of the crowded city in California right before she treks to the mountains are great. Finding such gems in free public domain-woohoo.

    Thanks Jim and Farf for the suggestion. Now I'll at least not be blundering my way along all the time.

    Still basking in the moment as I work on type in, Nancy!!!!

  12. So proud of you, Lisa.

    Er. Embarrassed clearing of throat. What's a type in? Slinks off.

  13. Nancy, Lisa went old-skool and hand-wrote and -edited her first draft… now she's ready to type it in.

  14. Oh! Wow. Impressive. Thanks, Far.

  15. Beth, are you rooting for Orlando? I'm afraid I'm a Celtics fan--cause of Paul Pierce, who is my fav KU player ever.

  16. Yeah, NP, I'm usually a Boston fan. And I always think of you when I see Paul Pierce, because I remember you talked about him last year. I was pulling for the Cavs cuz they were the underdog, but was glad Boston won. So yep, hoping they do good again this year. They almost blew it tonight!

  17. Oh, great, we can cheer together!

  18. You betcha! Go Celtics!

    (I bought two of your books today! Yippee! I bragged you up at the bookstore...the clerk was going to read VOSP based on my recommendation!)