Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rushing to the End

For Jim and Lisa.

Taken May 15, 2010

Taken May 19, 2010.
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  1. Over the edge could be another title that would describe the headlong rush to the end of the school year.

  2. Cyberhugs Andi for the rushing water pics.
    Yesterday was more like storming the beaches on D-Day.
    No hope of passing=Pain in the drain and drama.

    Wonderful Weds. to All.

  3. So lesson for today: if do a post for teachers, they'll correct it. :P

  4. Hope the end rushes up faster and faster.. Sorry about yesterday, Lisa - you have to hope that days like that teach them consequences of their behavior, but I know sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't.

    I have some work, so will spend the day balancing visiting with working. Then dinner with a high school friend tonight - I don't want to count how many years we've been friends!

    Hope everyone has a great Hump Day! Sliding headlong into the weekend...

  5. Rush, rush, rush...may the end of the school year fly fast and furious towards Lisa & Jim!

    I'm flying not-so-fast nor furious towards the mimes this a.m. Can't seem to wake up today. Going to be a hot one--hitting 90F. Bah humbug. Summer's sliding in, I suppose.

    Right now, I'm burning my Welsh lessons from Say Something in Welsh to CD so I can listen to them in my car. Whee! I hope to have at least a tiny grasp of the language when we go there next year.

    Caer diwrnod gwych!

  6. Yippee, we fly! Or fall…

    Lisa, I can imagine that no hope of passing would bring the ugly… hey, what's the point anyway? Hand 'em a "mercy suspension" and some materials to make the repeat go a bit easier.

    Beth, you're learning that work will follow you… no matter how hard you try to shake it! Enjoy old friends tonight!

    Maria, I had a co-worker who learned Welsh on a lark, but he was a genius type with lots of spare capacity for such things. Are you planning to meet up with Nicky while you're over there?

    Had a nice b-day dinner with Mrs. Fetched last night. She loved the orchid I picked up for her, and the card, and the flowers some other peeps got her.

    Mason's feeling lonely/neglected out there, I guess I need to take him up to Snippet so she'll get her skinny butt out of bed…

  7. Waves to all!

    90s here today . That rushing water looks good to me.

    Back to work. See ya later.

  8. Beth, have fun with your friend. I'm going to a Old Broads get together this weekend where some of us I've known some of the people for 45 years and some for 42 years. I just toss that out so you won't feel quite so old. :)

    When you get threw with your Welsh lessons Maria, will you be able to read Dylan Thomas' poems just like he did ... because that would be really, really sexy.

    Sounds like a fine b'day celebration, Farf.

    Yuck, 90s. It's hot here, b2, but not quite that hot, thank the FSM.

  9. ... says the man who is The Expert on rushing. :)