Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Peace of Quiet

Taken May 11, 2010.

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  1. Why are we awake, Andi?

    Last weekend of grading papers. My grades have to be turned in on Tuesday, but I still have a week of school after that. Yes, it doesn't make any sense.

  2. Why are you awake? I hope you managed to fall back to sleep for a while.

    So, what movies are you watching with the kids after the grades are turned in?

  3. It was the cats doing acrobatics across my feet that got me up.
    Jim, it is exciting feeling the year actually cranking to an end.

    Hubby is camping and daughter and I watched Julie and Julia and Confessions of a Shopaholic last night. Fun to just laugh and hang out together. We agreed watching all that cooking made us want to be Julia Child's next door neighbor back then.

    So on my writer's loop I asked for summer reading suggestions.
    What can I get from this group??
    That would be after I read Nancy's Scent...

    I almost forgot--Happy 34th Anniversary to me. Already celebrated--dinner with hubby earlier in the week. Amazing someone can put up with ornery me so many years and vise versa.

    Sensational Saturday to All. Off to type.

  4. We are awake, CG, because we don't have Finn to snuggle us back to sleep. :)

    At least you have entertaining cats, Lisa -- maybe they can try out for Cirque du Soleil. Have you read the first two books of Suzanne Collin's Hunger Games trilogy (third book is out in August) yet? It's YA, though more toward the A than the Y. On the non-fiction front, I thought the Rebecca Skloot's Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks was outstanding. I've got lots more if you want to email with suggestions of types/genres/subjects of books you want to read.

  5. CG, I have a bunch of sciencey videos downloaded on my Mac that I'll be showing them. Lot's of note taking (Cornell notes), lots of organizing, working until 2:30 pm, June 2.

    Happy anniversary, Lisa. I'll second the recommendation on Hunger Games and Catching Fire. I have a couple of boys reading the series now and can't wait until book #3 comes out in August.

  6. Oops. Thanks Jim for reminding me.

    Happy Anniversary, Lisa!

  7. Happy Anniversary, Lisa! Happy School's Almost Out, teachers!

    I just love this picture. I want to step into it and hang out for a while. I've been sleeping LOTS the last couple of days - I think it's decompression from the last year. A couple of hours by that stream would be perfect.

    Hope you're feeling better, Maria!

    Back to packing today - my friends are slowly moving into a new home, so I volunteered to help. But mainly I'm hanging out with their two Great Danes and enjoying some down time. Then we'll watch basketball tonight. Go Celtics, NP!

    Hope everyone has a productive, relaxing Saturday!

  8. Morning, gang! Wow, some of you wake up WAY too early... ::g::

    Andi, more lovely peaceful green. My soul loves it!

    Lisa, if you haven't read Maggie Stiefvater, run, go read. I recommend all 3 of her current books. Ballad and Lament are both set in the same universe. Shiver is set in a different area. It's BRILLIANT! Linger, sequel to Shiver will be out in a month or so.

    Beth, sleeping is GOOD!

    I'm going to spend the day offline, mostly. Working on galleys for BLOOD HEAT (a tedious, yet necessary process) and then some on the proposal. Why does writing 5 pages on a proposal take so long??

    A lovely weekend to all!

  9. Morning… um, afternoon, Andi & Jim!
    The stream flows by… utter peace… suddenly shattered by the baying of The Pack as they catch sight of some critter!

    Happy #34, Lisa! Is hubby going away for the weekend his present to you, or yours to him? ;-) School is definitely winding up; a gaggle (giggle?) of high school girls invaded the Qdoba where I was eating lunch and writing yesterday. They were quiet, either that or I was so focused that I didn't hear them.

    Hi Beth and CG! Hope your weekend goes good.

    Maria, are galleys the same as the were 30 years ago? Last time I saw one was that long ago. Proposal writing… good luck with it. There's good money in doing that for a living, I'm told, but I'm too deep in the gearhead kind of writing these days.

    Quick question for all you author types out there: when the words are flowing, do you notice any physiological effects? Me, I get cold and I was writing in 80° weather with partial sun yesterday. I wondered at first if the restaurant cranked up the A/C to get me out of there, but it's any place where I'm hand-writing. It doesn't seem to happen when I'm typing, weird.

    So glad it's the weekend. Off to write some more…

  10. Beth, come visit us on one of your journeys and we'll go step into this picture or any other one you want. :)

    Don't forget to take some time to enjoy yourself, Maria. Good luck with the proposal.

    Farf, your prescience is amazing! :P

  11. Waves to everyone.

    Lisa, congratulations! 34 is a great number.

    I hope everyone is having a good Saturday. Dropped off more stuff at the Bargain Box and went to the Original Pancake House afterward. A great combo!

  12. Farf, you know our dogs.

    It was school work all day and will probably go into the night, but I did take a break for a bike ride. It was great. If I had a hundred or two more miles on my legs this season, it would have been glorious.