Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Out on a Limb

Taken May 11, 2010.

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  1. The two different shapes to the leaves is interesting. Another Art piece, Andy!

    Kelly and Nicky--Double WooHoo.
    Let me move into the shift a little to take advantage of the great book karma of late.

    Making good progress with the Type-In if this work thing didn't interfere, it'd be a snap. 7 days with kiddos.

    Beth sounds very happy and satisfied. It's a good thing.
    Enjoy family and friends.

    Maria--hope the synopsis reveals itself to you soon.

    Farf, seeing an ending is pure pleasure. And then new beginnings on top of that--wonderful.

    Terrific Tuesday to All.
    Gotta get a cuppa and then get my fingers a flying.

  2. It's a perfect symbol for becoming a geezer, Lisa -- leaves that get fat and chewed up as they get older. :)

    Hey all, Kelly has spilled his big secret over on facebook. I'll let him do the announcement here but you can head over to facebook if you don't want to wait.

  3. Morning all! Chewed up indeed - getting old(er) ain't for sissies!

    Good writing vibes to all -

    Quiet day ahead, hanging with my aunt. Will probably run out for a cup of coffee and to soak up some daylight - the curtains are always closed, so my SAD kicks in if I don't get out every day for a bit when I'm here.

    Hope everyone has a stellar Tuesday!

  4. I thought the pic looked Christmas-y, myself. It would be right at home on the front side of a greeting card.

    Thanks, y'all, for the congrats. There's a chunk of writing that needs to be done before I actually reach the end, mind you, but at least I have a map. Now the kind of congrats going out to Nicky & Kelly are a lot cooler…

    Hey Beth, glad you got where you're going. I've known people who never open their curtains, but I never could understand it. Hope you find a pool to splash in!

    Gotta bang out a quick resume for The Boy before mime time… later!

  5. Morning, gang!

    Hooray for Tuesday - one day closer to 4 day weekend for me. That, plus my cleaners are coming today so that means clean apt and laundry when I get home tonight. w00t!

    Farf, I'm psyched that you're finding a novel in your shorts... pun intended. ::g::

    Am a bit brain fried this a.m., spent last night working on the galleys. I'm nearly done. Tonight I think will be synopsis time.


  6. Waves to all.

    Beautiful day here, 80 degrees or so and sunny.

    Congrats Farf! I've got to read the latest over Far Manor.

    Looking forward to the long weekend.

    See ya later!

  7. Sounds like a fine day, Beth. Hope it's not as humid there as it is here.

    Around here we don't associate green leaves with Christmas, Farf. Green pine needles, maybe.

    Hooray for the almost long weekend, Maria, and even more for finishing up the galleys.

    It's warm here too, b2. I'd rather have it be about 10 degrees cooler. And I'd really rather the humidity just go far, far away.

  8. It's actually about 70 and drizzling, andi. Compared to SWFL's humidity, it's a welcome relief.

  9. Book launch today.

    commences running around like a beheaded chicken

  10. Andi, if you don't look TOO close, it looks like a holly branch.

    Maria, I have to take off my hat for your pun… and fling it in your general direction, of course. :-P So White Pickups has now sprouted the sub-title, "Book I of the Truckalypse," with no current idea what Book II's name is just yet. 'Course, that didn't stop Olga from whacking me with a scene from II until I wrote it down at lunch. Yeah, my Muse was making a scene again.

    Kelly, you *would* have a book launch on Mrs. Fetched's b-day! (And I need to make a stop on the way home.)

  11. Well there's my problem, Farf -- I looked too close. ;)

    Zoooooommmmmm! Kelly's book is launched.

  12. Yet another work of art Andi. Quite beautiful.

    It is soooo humid here I can barely stand to set foot outside. Ugh. I wanted warmer weather but not this.

    Hi and goodnight to everyone who checked in today.