Friday, May 7, 2010

Lost in Ferns

Taken May 1, 2010.

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  1. The texture and movement with the green= Fabulous Ferns, Andi.

    Maria--You have such the gleeful, impish grin. Lavender champagne--our school functions never include high test drinks--darn.

    I've noticed you have to often click the published button twice lately. At least until the notice that comment saved shows up.
    Lori--major gross.

    Beautiful and warm here. Spring was fleeting and summer is swishing in.
    Sonboy has to work and can't come in for Mother's Day. So called daughter and told her she didn't have to come since she's studying for finals. She still may come to do laundry and bring a load of stuff since she has to move out the week after finals.

    Yesterday was a much better day. No need to kill living creatures.

    Andi, Thanks for the link to Nancy's interview--it was great.
    That is a great tool to let the reader "MEET" the author.

    Speaking of author--I gotta go work.

    Nicky, hope the storm passed ya by.

    Fabulous Friday/weekend to All.

  2. Well Nicky, looks like what you got is a hung parliament. Interesting times ahead?

    I'll see if I can find anything about problems posting -- anything to avoid dead possums crunching in the comments.

    Morning, Lisa. Glad to hear the baby maples get a reprieve. Hope the writing is going well.

  3. Andi, you can talk about my Photoshop skills (new blog post at my place) if you're desperate to avoid possum talk.

    OTOH, the manor mutts dragged a dead cat home; not sure if they found it that way or not.

    Hang in there, Lisa, summer's coming!

  4. Waves to all!

    I hope that the cat was found that way, Far.

    I like how that shot draws the eye into the center of the ferns, Andi.

    Good day to all! It's warm here and beautiful. Hopefully I'll get out for a walk later on.

  5. Hallooo to all.

    Writing and cat herding today. Same as every other day.

  6. Good day, gang! No longer morning in my neck of the woods. :)

    Ran some errands, got groceries, etc. and now I'm settling in to finish my short story.

    Impish grin, Lisa? Heh, I suppose I do.

    Hope you all are having a great day so far!

  7. You have the mad photoshop skillz, Farf. And also thanks for yet another reminder of why I am so glad I don't have kids. :)

    I hope you can enjoy the lovely weather, b2. I hate to think of you stuck at the office or courthouse.

    Still waiting for that not-same day, Kelly, when you can tell us your big secret.

    We are having a fine day here, Maria but there's this constant wind that is making me so sleepy (and apparently it works on the dogs too because they're all asleep).

  8. Sleep sounds nice! Short night- emergency at work. I'm thrilled they turned to me to help them out of a jam, but it meant not much sleep.

    Had a blast at Disney - hopefully will post stories and pics at my place soon.

    Happy Friday, everyone! Yay for a world full of colors and nice weather (and no snow). Sorry about the political situation, Nicky. Hope something's resolved soon.

    Off to nap, maybe... TGIF!

  9. Nobody's asked ME to join a government yet. Big mistake! (Makes the dimpled chads seem simple, in retrospect!)

    When we were at Disneyworld (Florida( a hundred years ago) I said something and the woman in the queue behind me said: Aren't you Nicky? Did you live in Egypt a few years back? (I did, and she lived downstairs from us! You wouldn't credit it, would you!)

  10. Andi, yeah, it's a little twitchy making for me as well not to be able to talk about it.

  11. Okay Beth, I decided to check it out for you and yes, sleep was nice, very nice. Bonus investigation, snuggling with Sniff on the couch and listening to the wind is also very nice.

    Hey Nicky, if Labour and the Liberal Democrats can't work it out maybe they'll come to you with an off to be the Minister of Victorian Mysteries. And wow, that is an impressive coincidence.

    One thing is clear, Kelly, you're very good at keeping secrets ... dammit.

  12. The sacrifices you make for us, andi. I'm glad it was nice. I'm heading to Friday Wine Down, although there's more work waiting for me (not an emergency, thankfully) so not too much wine...whine whine.

    But I'll raise a glass to absent friends!

    (And still no word on the appraisal, gnashing of teeth. Borrowing boxes from St Augustine friends, and hoping that won't screw anything up...)

  13. Wash your mouth out, Andi! That particular combination would be a total disaster here!

  14. Wine away, Beth. And forget about the appraisal for the weekend and just enjoy your friends (yes, that is an order).

    But, but, but, Nicky, think of all you could do with that portfolio. Maybe Labour and the Tories should go for keeping everyone, including themselves, confused and form a government.